Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jews views on news

usa general sanchez said yrs ago that iran has between 10,000-20,000 agents in iraq. The reason they dont attack usa forces is because the usa has a secret deal with iran to allow iran to get nukes without usa interference and in return iran wont activate its agents in iraq to attack us occupation troops.
famed legal scholar alan dershowitzs sister in law was murdered intentionally  by a postal truck driver in nyc. the nyc cops refused to even ticket the driver who witnesses say was speeding and driving recklessly. This obviously was a govt sponsored murder and nyc cops are covering up the killing with the help of nybr dictator for life joe shecky potasnik.
eric shawn of fox news pretends to be against the un but in reality he does what the usa goyerment wants and he supports the usa remaining in the un
how does the nyc fire dept and construction unions in nyc keep blacks and women off their unions? why are liberals silent over the overt bigotry directed against blacks and women in hiring
the declaration of independence that ameriKKKa extolls is really a propaganda document that the usa goyerment does not believe in or follow
oct 30 is the yartzeit of earl kugel and dec 4 is the yartzeit of irv rubin the 2 jdl leaders entrapped and then murdered by fbi agents while in custody, these cases are covered up by the usa goyerment
who was joe alon and who murdered him and who in the fbi assisted in the murder and cover up 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

weiners wife,kahns girls and hoenleins hoes

weiners wife supposedly left him, if she leaves him permanently and suddenly has a miscarriage I believe she may be a pakistani spy who married weiner to get even more usa secrets for pakistan than hillary has given her.
dominique straus kahn the former head of the imf who was set up by the cia so america can place its own spy at imf head. the new head of the imf chrissy laguarde is an american with ties to the usa goyerment, straus kahn was set up in a usa goyerment plot to use a afrikan cleaning girl criminal to make false charges against him and allow the cia spy laguard to become imf head. who in the cia was involved? the former cia chief gates of course and his helpers are the nyc DA cyrus vance jr, the nyc police chief kelly, the cia controlled media including the ny post and daily news as well as nyc TV stations and radio news,(chuck severson of wabc radio news called straus kahn not the former pres of the imf but a "financial official" to downplay the importance of the cia destroying his career, other cia media asset mark simone repeatedly said kahn had a good tiome going out last night at an expensive restaurant thereby downplaying the trama he received at the hands of the cia agents that persecuted him. the cover up has begun by the cia media.and of course the judge that allowed this entire charade to take place. not to mention the convert to christianity mayor of nyc bloombag who appointed his shiksa friend patricia harris  to give all his foundation charity to her fellow goysthis fake charge against straus kahn followed the fake charge and phoney conviction of an Israeli Rabbi who was falsely accused by a girl soldier of touching her chest and crotch on a delta plane from ta to nyc. no finger prints were found, no explanation as to why an israeli soldier was travelling to nyc, just a corrupt anti semitic spic bribe taking affirmative action judge convicting an innocent Jew. and the most important fact is the silence of abe' cia' foxman why is he silent jyou ask? just look at his nickname cia.
GIGO garbage in garbage out. the so called presidents conference of israeli appointed sonnderkommando kapos met in Yerushalym, They had a panel featuring sara silverman and matisyahu. talking about the future of american Jewry, As we all know matisyahu is a grade d regae singer at best, if it wasnt for his hasidic shtick he would be unknown. silverman on the otherhand is mentally ill, a drug user 40 something never married childless and a self hater. silverman referred to american Jewish men as nose snot. These are the 2 that malcolm hoenlein and his handlers appointed to speak on the future of american Jewry. GIGO! they put garbage on the panel to get garbage advice they wanted.
jpost.com had a story on weird american comedian judy gold, jpost repeatedly mentioned she was from a orthodox family and made it seem gold is religious when in fact she is a mentally ill radical lesbian. why jpost why?
yogurt head aka danny danon israeli mk wants to send afrikan illegal immigrants in israel to australia , why danny why? why not send them back to afrika, why not investigate your dm ehud barak for being an american agent taking bribes and allowing the illegal afrikans to enter the country in the first place.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sitting Shiva or Shitting Sheva

now that the mother of american of mosaic ancestry nyc mayor bloombag has died, bloombag didnt know what to do. He went to his spiritual advisor shecky potasnik, shecky knows less than bloombag but pretends he knows what he is saying so bloombag believes him. shecky didnt remember how to honor a deceased loved one so he thought and thought about what he learned in the jewish theological cemetery. shecky potasnik then came up with the answer, bloombag should honor his deceased mother by shitting sheva. So for the next week bloombag is waking up at 7AM and going to the bathroom to honor dear old mom.
Speaking of nanny state advocate bloombag. He apparently stops his nanny state advocacy when it comes to his very cute but klutzy daughter Georgiana. His daughter has fallen off more horses than barney frank has fallen off boyfriends. Yet bloombag refuses to come to the aid of mistreated horses who are not meant to force jump over obstacles.
Times are getting tough for jewish leaders with the american Jewish population decline. So whats a jewish leader to do? 3 leaders have combined forces to form a business, WZO head morty klein, rabbi shlomo riskin and barney frank have joined together to start an elecution school to teach public speaking. Their first graduate was marvin hier.
does amerikka really want to wean itself off imported oil?
If so all america has to do is increase fed. solar tax credits an additional 10%, this will make electric/gas hybrid cars feasible in the south, pass law mandating solar water heaters in south,drill in anwar alaska, the gulf and off east and west coast, turn coal into gas.
But usa goyerment does none of these because arab and oil company gelt buy politicians who keep ameriKKKans dependent on imported oil.
barak hussein obomber the first black or almost black president good for blacks?
how many blacks were in prison, unemployment on food stamps on welfare on fake disability claims section 8 housing the last days of the bush regime and how many today? This will tell you if obomber is good for the blacks or just an oreo.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Odds and ends and middles

the BBC which we all know is a branch of british intelligence mi6 hires brit reporter/spies that cannot speak proper english. Many of the bbc spy/reporters speak in slang and use terms such as 'pretty much' 'aint' and for example mispronounce  words with the letter L in them such as the word 'awready' instead of already. I understand many brits treat the letter L the way they treat a dentist. They know its there for something but they choose not to use it.
Mazal Tov!  Whoever picked italy won! We all knew that in the war against libya either france or italy would be the first to surrender. Whoever picked italy won.
Anyone know how the us attorneys and local prosecutors manage to manipulate the jury pool so Hasidic Jews are not put on juries when a Hasid is being persecuted in a trial?
The peaceful american mad bomber, barak obomber  is in a 5 front war with radical moslem  pakistan, afghanistan, iraq, libya and yemin, which moslem will be next sudan or somalia?
the israel hating  'jewish' head of nyc based human rights watch, kenneth roth converted to christianity and married ina church. I guess he not only hates israel, he hates himself and his parents.
The presidents conference is meeting in israel. They will do nothing to stop assimilation or intermarriage. Why you dont ask. because the jewish groups are controlled by israel and  israel is controlled by america, therefore america uses israel to destroy american Jewry.
And Mrs  michelle obomber is in soweto south afrika. I cant wait until evil apartheid ends in s afrika and the white devils are thrown out of power so that peace loving black residents in places like soweto can be allowed to turn soweto into a paradise on earth. ROFL!
But seriously did michelle mention the fact that s afrikan blacks rape children to rid themselves of aids, and mention of the huge amount of black crime in s afrika and the very low level of white crime there? I doubt it because the obombers are black supremicist racists and hate white people

Saturday, June 18, 2011

weiner is gone BUT

weiner was such a dislikeable fellow even those that thought he shouldnt leave congress remained quiet.
Here are a couple of other congressfreaks the goyerment controlled ameriKKKan media wont crucify like they crucified weiner.
louisianna congressman david vitter a republican that likes to shtup whores
florida congressman connie mack jr married to caleeefornia congresswoman mary bono. do they live in and represent florida or live in and represent caleeefornia? How can people be married, represent different sides of the country without being unethical?
chuck rangel- I dont have to pay taxes chucky
nancy pelosi who used goyerment planes to ferry her family around illegally
gerald nadler- I dont know what he has done that is illegal but I can tell by looking at him he has a closet full of skeletons as well perhaps as size XL dresses from lane bryant.
ron paul the gynacologist - why would a normal person leave a job looking at va j jas all day to go to washington and look at assholes all day?
There are many more corrupt congresspeople

george soros-Glenn Beck-mikey weiner and abe 'cia' foxman

george soros used his gelt to buy bribetaking vermin claiming to be rabbis off and have them sign a newspaper adv condeming Glenn Beck as an anti semite. abe 'cia'foxman also labeled Beck an anti semite perhaps after receiving soros gelt. Soros used these groups of useful idiots to get Beck fired from WOR radio in NYC, Why?
 because soros is a nazi and attacked beck in order to take attention from soros's fellow nazi wannabe mikey weiner aka michael savage also a host on wor. You see there was and is growing pressure on wor management to remove mikey weiners savage nation radio show from wor because savage is a self hating jew, an anti semite and a nazi wannabe. By firing  Beck a friend of Jews and Israel after falsely labeling him an anti semite wor can now say that it already removed one host at the request of Jews and cannot remove another, so mikey weiner will be allowed to stay and spew out his Jew hatred on his show.
 If you listen to weiner-savage you can tell he is a psychological head case. he and his wife raised their 2 kids (2 kids so as not to overpopulate the world) to not have kids themselves. savage weiner treats his dog the way a normal man treats his grandkids., weiner will play the clown role when he is around gentiles he sucks up to such as donald trump. weiner savage like the radio freak that preceded him howard stern has felt like an outsider his entire life. No matter how successful he is he still needs more acceptance and will do anything to gain acceptance from the christian majority. Both savage and stern  should be boycotted and  regarded as self hating jews and enemies of the Jewish People. weiner savage owns Rock Star energy drink and this should be pulled from Jewish owned stores and boycotted by world Jewry.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Marvin goes nazi hunting

marvin hier leader of the simon wiesenthal center is famous for nazi hunting or is it famous for raising money pretending to go nazi hunting?
Whatever, the bbc documentery Aushwitz stated 8000 nazi SS troops were stationed in aushwitz, 7000 survived the war, 800 were prosecuted most got a slap on the wrist or better yet a pat on the back by  goy judges.
There were tens of thousands of nazi SS troops stationed in areas other than aushwitz. Almost none were prosecuted So the question is when exactly will famed nazi hunter marvin 'elmer fudd' hier bring the ramaining tens of thousands of nazis to justice?
On the other hand what type of decoy does a nazi hunter use? Is it a cardboard cut out of a banker with a hook nose. when the nazi approaches the cardboard cutout, marvin the nazi hunter umps out from the bushes and starts yelling at the nazi.
 On the third hand, assuming you were born near chernobyl and have a third hand is it possible that marvin and the other marvins that run jewish orgs have not done anything to bring nazis to justice is because germany has paid off israeli  leaders aka sonnderkommando zionist whores to leave nazis alone and orgs like the wiesenthal center are cia fronts run by self hating jewish kapos are ordered by cia handlers who tell them they are forbidden to act in an aggressive manner .
so nazis live out their stereotypical happy german lives and jews fulfill the stereotype of being cowards

Thursday, June 16, 2011

israel leaders love fords

the (IMO cia spy front) ford foundation is leaving israel after decades of trying to destroy israel from within.
ford foundation has worked openly with the ameriKKKan  goyerment to subvert israel from within and therefore destroy american Jewry as well.
The question is why has israel allowed this ameriKKKan spy front to operate openly for decades? How much money in bribes have been paid to israeli leaders? does ameriKKKa now pay bribes to shimon peres thru his son in caleeefornia the way lockhead paid peres bribes thru his brother in europe?
has ehud barak, ehud olmert, the meridor clan,begins shitrits amran mitzna, roni milo,the entire lebor party, shalom achshav,yossi sarid, the conmservative and reformed leaders,mossad and shabak heads and agents, sachnut operatives.etc all received bribes from the ford foundation to allow it to operate in israel.
If so, israel needs to build the worlds largest gas chamber and put all their traitors in it!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

who is hal rodgers?

hal rodgers is a congressman from kentucky, he has been a congressman for over 20 years he doesnt get on meet the press or face the nation, he isnt screaming on cnn or fox news,he is not well known nor does he seek national publicity the way shumer, feinstein, boxer, frank, lautenberg, wasserman -shmutz, weiner etc.seek publicity All he does is get pork for his constituents. While the control freak jewish politicians try and control everything  and do nothing for their districts but only obsess on 1 issue that is  israel can continue to gets its foreign aid ,goys like hal rodgers go about quietly bankrupting ameriKKKa getting pork for their districts.
if you think sheik anthony 'tiny'weiner the convert to islam is the only 'jewish' weirdo in congress guess again!

Obsession with words

ref/cons Jews nit pick whether to use the term Wailing Wall or Western Wall but never use the word Kotel to solve the problem.
wonder to use the term village or settlement..israel doesnt help by usingthe term yishuv instead of the word kfar.
 use the term terrorist-guerilla, fighter or militant
 the term west bank or Judea and Sameria or Yesha or Yehuda and Shomron
The word scoth tape is a scottish slur denoting scots as cheap people..you dont hear scotsmen whining..because they are already goyiim and therefore dont obsess on what goyiim think
 There are those that say obama is anti israel..but its not obama that sent awacs to saudi arabia after questioning Jews in ameriKKKas loyalty, pressured begin to make sinai Judenrein or sharon to make aza Judenrein or asked ehud barak to make YESHA and 1/2 Yerushalym Judenrein, or invited the plo terrorist that commanded the munich olympic massacre to come to ameriKKKa and go to disneyland on vacation at usa taxpayers expense,so obamas hatred for israel is just following an ameriKKKan tradition.
 BUT what role has israel played in its own destruction as well as world Jewrys destruction?
israel has bred so called palestinians instead of transferring them out, israel educates so called palestinians, israel created the so calle palestinian diaspora,israel gave Har Habayit  and kever Yosef to the palestinians , israel agve the names of its spies in yesha to the palestinians,israel funds palestinian propaganda, and funds the palestinian govt to the tune of 1 billion dollars a year,israel arms the palestinians,israel even helped found hamas..so when you compare obamas hatred for israel with the self hatred hatred that israelis have for themselves, obama doesnt even come close

ameriKKKan airline screeners

when you place your food in a grey tote in an airline xray screener line ever wonder the person who used the tote before you placed his/her filthy athlete foot contaminated footwear in the same tote...and tsa agents do not disinfect grey totes?
 ever notice when tsa agents go thru a suitcase in a screening line with their blue gloves they dont change gloves after each search, so the germs on the previous suitcase contents get on your stuff.
 ever wonder when tsa agents doa pat down they use the same filthy gloves on you they just used on the homeless bum that they searched before you?
 You never wondered about any of these things..because you ameriKKKans are too afraid of your goyerment to ask any questions.

Monday, June 13, 2011

What do you want to be when you grow up?

arab and moslem organizations are encouraging their members to become loiyahs and infiltrate the us injustice dept to target those disliked by arabs and moslems.
various nazi and skin head groups led secretly by us goyerment agents are encouraging their members to become loiyahs and also infiltrate the us doj to target those hated by nazis and skinheads.
Both arab/moslems and nazis in the us doj have been working with the menatlly ill jewish lesbians already entrenched in the doj to target Jewish People....and as usual the cia controlled 'jewish leaders' are mute.

Goyerment says shop or stay home and play videos

saturdays ny times has an article on boaters on the hudson river being harassed by govt terrorists. the goyerment claims it is stopping boaters to see if they are terrorists. One man was stopped 4 times in 1 day while boating on the hudson. This has had a chilling effect on boat sales because people dont want to get stopped by heavily armed vermin working for 14  goyerment agencies searching for non existent terrorists. The goyerment has been making it more and more difficult to go fishing and hunting. With all the various expensive permits required and with undercover goyerment agents trying to ensnare a hapless fisherman or hunter that makes an honest mistake because a hunter/fisherman is not a lawyoih and should not be required to know all stupid laws pertaining to fishing/hunting, most ameriKKKans choose to follow the goyerments wishes and either spend the day shopping or in the house watching videos. Do you know that in nys plain clothes undercover agents wade into the water with fishermen during salmon season and if a fish swims into a hook and is snagged, the fisherman is fined?
This is part of the goyerment conspiracy to destroy ameriKKKa.
 A NYC org named MJHS advertises itys services, it gets money from the uja but hides the fact that its initials stand for metropolitan JEWISH health services. Should an org that hides the fact it is a JEWISH group get uja money, or should the uja spend its money sending the book 26 reasons Jews dont believe in jesus to every Jewish household in ameriKKKa?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

the ameriKKKan media went silent

what happened to the clamor by the ameriKKKan goyerment controlled media to see the bin laden death pics?

I'll tell ya what happened, the usa goyerment ordered the media to shush and it did..just like when condy ordered the media after 911 to stop showing the freedom fighters planes flying into the world trade center buildings, the media listened to condy just as the media listens to hussein obama

Friday, June 10, 2011

why does it seem all nyc politicians all commies?

Possibly because nyc hosts the UN, foreign consulates, foreign tourism agencies and foreign airlines, foreign trade missions and MANY of the employees of these groups are spies. For 70 yrs the communist countries have had thousands of spies located in nyc and these spies have taken over the nyc political system placing communist americans in positions of power and in political office.
If you disagree then come up with a better reason.

If I was a rich man....

Is fiddler on the roof really a pro-Jewish play as the establishment contends? Of Tevyas daughters-One daughter converts to christianity, one becomes a commie and 1 remains Jewish. Is this really a Pro-Jewish story? Then again the same 'jews' that kvell over 'fiddler' also kvell over woody allen and larry david. So perhaps this is just a case of Jews with mental disorders agreeing with each other.
 In the 1980s Israel shelled the plo in beruit the un and amerikkkan goyerment controlled media went beserk. Since then whats happened? the usa has bombed beruit, kabul, bagdad, tripoli, saana, and parts of pakistan. In fact the only country the usa wont bomb is iran. Just more proof the ameriKKKan media is as former cia chief william colby said  controlled by the american govt.
why is the amerikkkan media hiding the huge almost daily body count of civilian casualities caused by american forces in iraq,pakistan, afghanistan libya and yemin?
An interesting dvd is titled One day in September by arthur cohn. it is about the Israeli athletes killed in the munich olympics. It has much little known info. Another interesting dvd is titled They looked away narrated by mike wallace on the Holocaust. Also much interesting little known info. Both dvds can be found in public libraries in Jewish parts of ameriKKKa.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Boring Book

james risen's book state of war, not worth reading, whi is the cia sooo upset over this boring book? Only info is saudi intel officials have bin laden screen savers on their computers, the us gives saudis intel then saudi gives it to al quaida, also the usa allows afghanistsn to grow opium over 206,000 hectares in afghanistan used to grow drugs worth $7 billion. the usa is a partner t thsi drug heroin production...but we all knew this  before we read the book so whats the big deal?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Hidden hand strikes again

Yesterday the christianazi hidden hand that runs ameriKKKa struck again. The man that attempted to assassinate   Jewish congresswoman Giffords was declared insane. After the judges ruling the judge then asked the 'insane' man if he wanted to remain in the court or watch the proceedings on TV. If the judge believed the man is really insane and doesnt know what he is doing and is not responsible for his decisions why ask him to make a decision?
 The judge had initially sent the wannabe assassin jared loughner to be evaluated in a facility FAR AWAY from arizona. This is because the fix was in and the hidden hand had already decided to protect loughner BECAUSE the hidden hand was behind the shootings from the outset. The facility loughner was sent to is part of the goyenment conspiracy to target Jewish People. This shows that hatred of Jews supersedes everything else. In this case the assassin murdered a federal judge BUT even that was not enough for the christianazi hidden hand to prosecute him.
 This is reminicent of the christianazi hidden hand that was behind the murder of the Holy Rabbi Meir Kahane zt"l. In that case the assassination was witnesssed by dozens of people but the murderer was found not guilty of Kahanes murder. The murderer el sayed nosair after murdering Kahane shot a mailman in the street and was convicted of this act.
Speaking of the hidden hand. Its reported today that the american terrorist behind the attack on the Chabad House in Bombay (Yeah thats right I said Bombay not mumbay!) admitted in american court he worked for the usa goyerment when he murdered the Chasidic couple in Bombay. The american terrorist named headley worked for the american drug enforcement agency DEA as well as for pakistans intelligence agency. Question is how will so called jewish senators and congresspeople react? Will they uncover the hidden hand that tragets Jewish People, will they end foreign aid to pakistan or will it be business as usual? The answer is as obvious as the nose on tzippi livnis face.
Speaking of useful idiots. The reason usa talk radio and republicans are fawning over israeli PM Bobo  Notayahuds speeches in america is not because they love Bobo. Its because they hate obama and an enemy of my enemy is my friend. The talk radio crown and repubs werent sooo pro israel when little bush pressured the now worlds largest vegetable to make aza Judenrein and we all remember the rep slogan are you for begin or reagan.

Monday, May 23, 2011

BBC news flash

the bbc reported last night Bob Dylan used drugs in the 1960s
maybe tomorrow bbc will report elton john is gay but you can be sure the bbc will never report the british intel org mi6 was behind the murder of princedd diana on orders of queen elizabeth.

He said she said..who cares?

the head of the imf dominique straus-cahn was accused of rape by an afrikan cleaning girl. the local nyc DA cyrus vance son of former james earl carterdrek cyrus vance decided to prosecute cahn. cahn said the relations were consentual , the woman is hiv + therefore the woman committed a felony by not disclosing she is hiv +, BUT the da refuses to arrest the woman, this is a perfect example of the corrupt ameriKKKan judicial system which makes the syrian, n korean or cuban judicial systems seem fair.


luftansa and 3 other european airlines paid between 5-10 million  dollars a yr to the plo for protection  in the 1970s. plo make 150 million dollars a yr from the lebanese drug trade in the 1970s, oil companies paid the plo $10 million a yr for protection,in 1975 sec of treasury william simon agreed not to disclose arab investments in america, kissinger agreed that the usa would not talk to the plo, the usa has kept 1 agreement and broke the other agreement...so much for jewish power in ameriKKKa.

there are 30 so caled palestinian billionaires in kuwait, wealthy plo terrorist supporters in europe are hasib sabbagh head of CCC, abdel majmor shoman of the arab bank,munib khori of gentrol, munib masri of EDG.

during wwII sec treasury morganthau commissioned a report titled Acquiesence of this goyerment in the murder of the Jews. Proof the usa goyerment took part in the holocaust.

On page 117 of rabbi Kahanes book why be Jewish published in 1977 he says that so called jewish leaders in america will support israel making YESHA Judenrein because jewish leaders fear gentile opinion. In 1976-77 j federation in nyc gave $10 to each Jewish kid in Jewish school but gave much more to fake jewish hospitals and to gentile programs, pg 131 james rudin told Jews not to worry about intermarriage, rudin made millions of dollars destroying Jews and now lives in luxory on sanibel island florida,the american jewish committee was against boycotting german products in wwII, on page 118 the first ordination of reform fake rabbis in ameriKKKa included a shrimp buffet,

machivelli said among other things which being unarmed brings you it causes you to be despised. senator chuck shumer knows this as does nyc mayor bloombag this is why these 2 left wing nazis disarm Jews.

Friday, May 20, 2011

bribetakers and useful idiots

we all have heard nachum segal gloat over his being invited to the hussein obama off-whitehouse for a Chanuka party. apparently the fat man can be bought off with a jelly donut.

remember a few decades back when goys said israel should give away YESHA (westbank) israel ordered its useful idiots that run the jewish establishment in america to squeal like stuck pigs and call the goys anti semitic? Now its the nazionist israelis themselves that compete with each other to make all of YESHA Judenfrei. How much american money is being paid to the bribetaking garbage that run israel?

In fact the cia controls the israeli govt and the israeli govt controls the jewish establishment in amerikkka. the cia uses israel to destroy american Jewry thru assimilation. Now that the birf rate of american jewry is 1.2 kids per couple and it takes 2.5 kids per couple to sustain a people, american Jewry is doomed to extinction. The cia is now using its israeli useful idiots to destroy israel itself in a piece by piece process. Just as the germanazis used their jewish kapos to destroy fellow Jews before the nazis ordered the kapos to turn on and destroy themselves.

Ask yourself why israel has had lousy public relations for 40+years? this cant be an accident therefore its as obvious as the nose on tzipi livnis face that israel wants negative publicity in order to destroy itself and world Jewry.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jews and goys

former ny politician alan hevisi rots in prison while former liberal party chair ray harding has his felony reduced to a small misdemenor and is not given jail time for much more serious crimes than hevisi. and where are all the jewish loiyahs and ny bigshots? hiding under their beds like the mossad appointed cowards they are!

Today jstreet has a ny times adv featurning many israeli former generals and politicians that want to destroy israel in a piece by piece solution that will leave israel slightly larger than aushwitz.
 lets hope the know it all zionists get what they want so they will finally leave american Jews alone and allow us to prosper instead of the present situation of israel destroying american Jewry.

In the caleeefornia city of fag fransisco they have a ballot amendment in the coming election to ban circumcision.
Again mossad appointed jewish cowardly leaders are as mute and cowardly as their mossad appointed ny brethren!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

what ever happened to

jesse jackson after he was accused of tax evasion? the irs said because he had messy records they could not prosecute him.
al sharpton who ows 2 mill in irs taxes? he is not being prosecuted for tax evasion just as he was not prosecuted for incitement to murder
after inciting the bias crime attack attack that resulted in murder of people  in freddys fashion mart in nyc.
tawana brawley? she was never prosecuted either she now works as a nurse in a nursing home in claremont virginia.
and of course the google man that started the revolution in egypt wael ghonim? he is given a 7 figure contract to write a book by houghton mifflin harcourt.
us congressman chalie rangel you got it the irs wont prosecute him on tax evasion charges either.

Speaking of bastards

The media is abuzz over a child born out of wedlock fathered by an actor, In the past children born this way were called bastards and had negative connotations. The media including the bbc is now calling this type of child a "love child". this is to glorify anti social behavior and ruin society by encouraging people to have kids and not get married.
speaking of bastards the israeli dm ehud barak has reduced the # of troops on the western border to allow illegal immigrants to invade israel from egyptian occupied sinai. Now ehud barak is allowing arabs from syria and lebanon to invade israel as well. the question is how much money is the cia paying ehud barak to commit this treason?
 Bastards part deux. the jnf is wasting money building a theater in Beer Sheva. The organizer is dudu fisher who has ties to admitted cia spy leon charney. why is the jnf spending money on theater when there are still millions of trees that need to be planted and just recently israel was unable to put out a fire because of lack of proper fire fighting equip. The jnf is starting to look like a cia controlled org to me, shame on Mr robinson the head of jnf. BTW what kind of Jew is named robinson?!
In othe rstale news the west bank village of dir jarir is controlled by jordanian intelligence, israel general yukitel adam was killed in lebanon by a 14 yr old on mossads orders, the former head of security for the pm, levinson was a soviet spy, the brit in charge of overseeing british cemeteries in various parts of the world is a mi6 agent, israel was behind the us attack on libya in the 1980s this info based on victor ostrovskys book

Sunday, May 15, 2011

the hand of the mossad

the arrest of the imf head on fake sex assault charges folling the fake sex assault charge last week on the orthodox Holy Rabbi is the work of the mossads new head.
as we see there are NO Hasidic fed judges in ny or the usa this is because IMO ny senator schmuck shumer has been ordered by his handlers in the mossad not to allow Hasidic judges on the bench so Jews will continue to be persecuted,
the naturi karta delegation to iran is probably carrying messages from the mossad to agents in iran, the book profits of war by ari ben-menashe says israel uses the neturi karta for this type of mission and I guess the new head of the mossad thinks iran hasnt read ben-menashes book. ROFL.
last week the american Parade magazine had a cover story on TV moms, 3 of whom are blond and all christian, this is a cia ploy to encourage white women to breed,
last week the NY times had 2 full page ads from hunter college and city college listing donors. many if not most names of financial donors are jewish or at least americans of mosaid ancestry and most of the students in these schools are goyiim thus proving again Jews are the most stupid animal on the planet.
the next big Jewish idea contest in LA is coming to an end. try and vote for my suggestion. Thanks!
when speaking of the publisher of the jewish standard newspaper in new jersey call him garfunkle for his funny hairdo and cann his IMO self hating editor beckey boroson  becky the pisher

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Profits of war- Ari ben-Menashe

In his book former israel intell official ari ben-menashe writes among other things shimon peres took a $3.5 million bribe from lockhead,and a $40 million bribe from the reagan administrations ed meese, israel is behind many terrorist attacks against Jews, the israel labor party does whatever america tells them to do, ariel sharon did 'favors' for the cia, this explains why he made aza Judenfrei. The present usa defense sec gates as head of the cia helped smuggle drugs into amerikkka and launder money. the usa poisoned chilean grapes in order to blackmail chile to cooperate on iran contra, the reason israel abandoned Pollard is to protect the real israeli spy mister x- robert mcfarlane. There is much more info in this book so if you are sick of being a zionist useful idiot  like nachum segal you may want to read this book.

Jews smart or stupid

This weeks NY Times had 2 advertisements listing donors to Hunter College and City College.Many if not most of the donors to these colleges are jewish or at least americans of american ancestry. Most of the present day student body are goyiim. Therefore, I believe Jews are stupid.

Today its being reported that meridith attwell baker was given a high level job at comcast. Whats sooo unusual about this you ask? It seems that baker was working for the usa goyerment agenct that allowed comcast to buy nbc TV. Where oh where are the usa attorney generals? If a Jew engaged in this IMO obviously criminal activity ie bribe taking you can bet that the Jew would have been arrested already!

Anyone read the book Profits of war by Ari ben-Menashe? I am sure the israeli goyerment doesnt want you to read this book. More on the next blog

Ask yourself why the jewish agency which has agents in most jewish federation offices in america brings less american jews to israel on aliyah than a handful of activists in Nefesh b Nefesh. Can it be the real job of the jewish agency shaliachs is not to bring american Jewry on aliyah but that their real job is to encourage american Jewrys destruction thru assimilation.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Who will be americas boy after ehud barak is gone?

Apparently the usa has tasked the IMO american spy amram mitzna to be the cias boy in israel. As we know mitzna was the general that INTENTIONALLY lost the first intifada on IMO orders from his american handlers. Wouldnt it be easier to solve the mitzna problem in a car accident than having another high ranking israeli spy for america?

Whats up with jeremy ben ami?

the head of the dead end group jstreet does propaganda work for america. Why would a supposed leftist help america?
We know thatthe usa media is controlled by the us goyerment, we know the media is using a psych warfare campaign against israel and its supporters for decades. The campaign is designed to pressure weak minded Jews such as those in jstreet and peace now to abandon israel and pressure israel to destroying itself by turning itself into so called palestine. Its a shame that the jewish left cant see that they are being manipulated by the american goyerment controlled media to hate israel and themselves.

Which weapon would you use?

The usa navy seals and cia forces used grenades and pistols with live ammo to murder the unarmed bin laden.
The israeli seals on the other hand use paintball guns to attack armed terrorists. Who in israel orders the elite troops to use paintball guns? Yep thats right the IMO american agent ehud barak yimach shemo.
 why would israel allow a traitor like ehud barak to continue to be DM after he has proved his treason time and time again? BTW who owns all the hedge funds that employ ehud barak as a consultant?
Havent heard anything from the usa govt controlled media on any violations of international law in the murder of bin laden. No complaints from skanky banky moon in the un either. I thought violating the airspace of a sovereign nation and using targeted  killing someone in that nation was a violation of international law? I guess its only illegal when israel does this.
Whats up in libya? last I heard hillary clinton said america was trying to overthrow the libyan govt. murder the libyan head and his kids and grandkids because france and italy want libyas oil. Where is abe (langley) foxman when israel is singled out for criticiam by the world and america for behaving as others behave?
Anyone remember when obama metthe russian pres or pm in wash and went to mconalds with him? A few days later russian deep cover spies tried to flee america and were caught. They served 1 week in jail for their espionage and were released back to russia, Is barak obama a russian spy who told the russian Pres PM of the fact that the fbi was watching russian spies?
why is Pollard in jail for 20 yrs while russian spies serve 1 week?
Foolish Jews ameriKKKan goyerment yimach shemo  hates you!
mike huckeby wailed over natalie ortman having a kid out of wedlock but huckby is mute over actress january jones doing the same. Just part of a christian conspiracy to stop Jews from having kids.
Speaking of having kids the UN projects the world population will increase to over 10 billion soon,while the Jewish population drops. I guess the only success that the jewish liberal birthcontrol abortion lovers have is stopping their fellow Jews from having children.
whats up with conservative talk radio hosts such as limbaugh, beck weiner-savage, hannity, levin,joyce kaufman,mark simone,monica crowley ann coulter pat (1 ball) buchanan etc. None of these tough talking patriots have served in the military. While they all complain about the liberal media none uses his/her multimillion dollar salaries to start a conservative newspaper radio station or TV station. They are all fakes!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Piece Process

Since today is a slow news day I thought I'd blog about the mid east Piece process.

As we have seen as part of the treasonous camp david agreements signed by benny begins father with the silence of benny begin the USA and UN has so called peace keeping troops in the egyptian occupied sinai. Their mission is to keep the arabs from attacking Israel.  We see how the usa troops look the other way and allow egypt both during the mubarak period and post mubarak period to smuggle weapons including heavy weapons from egypt occupied sinai into plo occupied aza.
In S lebanon we saw how the UN with the usa backing wrote a resolution prohibiting hisbollah from re arming in S lebanon. We see how the usa and UN don enforce this resolution.

So whats the solution. If you ask the gentile world and their nazi judenrat kapos in israel the solution is for israel to give away more land for fake assurances of peace. How will this piece by peace process end?
Israel has already given away sinai, taba and aza and most of the so called west bank. After the rest of the west bank is made Judenfrei, there will be a 5 yr lull. Then the goyim enemy will demand that galilee be given to the plo and made part of the plo state in the west bank. The bribe taking nazis that run israel will aquiece in the name of peace. Next there will be demands for autonomy for the noble bedouins in the negev and arava. The zionists will agree becauzse after all this is just empty desert land where Jews dont want to live. Next will come demands for autonomy for the druze in carmel and for the druze in the golan to become part of syria, which the nazionists will agree to because it makes sense. And in the end the israelis will be left with dizongoff street for the 6 million jews to live in, but because there is not enough room on dizengoff street for a jewish country, the nazionists will enforce a mandatory sterilazation program to stop the jews from breeding and thus the new jews zionist nazi kapo judenrat that run israel will finally solve the jewish problem. AND all of you that support th self hating jews that run israel will be to blame!

whats the differnece between amerikkka and israel? america has murderwed over 3000 civilians in collateral damage in drone strikes in pakistan alone, the usa has assasinated bin laden and is trying to assisanate khadafy and how does israel treat its enemies? Israel gives those that try to destroy them weapons billions of dollars and a country. How do you say Schmuck in hebrew?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

There's No Business Like Shoah Business

The quote was reportely made by abba eban.
Whats new on this Yom Hashoah?
An inside the borshtway story deals with an unknown hollyweird movie producer Bronco something that was in aushwitz on his 13th birfday. He is now in his 80's and is in aushwitz again celebrating his Bar Mitzva. All the jewish clown leaders are attending this glitzy nourishkeit event. Why do I say the event is nonsense? Because on the same day the jewish 'leaders' are kvelling in aushwitz if you look in the wedding section of the NY times for example you will see numerous Jews who are walking into the spiritual gas chambers and marrying goys in churches. BUT our supposed leaders are mute on the silent holocaust of intermarriage. WHY? Because as I have told you over and over the mossad controls Jewish groups and the cia controls the mossad and the cia uses the mossad to destroy world Jewry and Israel itself. DUH! This is why the leaders refuse to send every Jew in the world the book 26 reasons why Jews dont believe in jesus as an innoculation against the disease of conversion or leaving Judaism. www.26reasons.com. the same Jews would never think of not innoculating their 1 child against polio or other diseases but an innoculation against the disease of christianity is condemned.

In other news you recall how former israeli education minister yitzhaq navon banned Jewish nationalism in schools and promalgated arab nationalism as good. This is why israeli youth are so dafooked in the rosh. Did navon take cia gelt to commit this treason? Thats like asking did ezer weitzman take cia money to make sinai Judenrein or sharon take gelt to make aza Judenrein or ehud barak take US gelt to make yesha almost all Judenrein or is a pigs ass pork? The answer is as obvious as the nose on tzippi livnis face.
Interesting how the american media has stopped reporting on japan in unison. This is not a Jewish issue but it proves that the usa media is controlled by 1 source and I believe its the cia.

When reform and conservative bar mitzva factory rabbis dont teach kids the difference between Judaism and christianity is this a form of child abuse?


Saturday, April 30, 2011

Who'se In Charge of American Jewry?

Some thoughts.
Its been estimated over 100,000 american Jews have joined cults such as moonies hare krishna jews 4 jezuz  over the years, what happened to them? Last year I read that the small dwindling cons/ref jewish community in atlantic city NJ was building a Holocaust memorial to be placed on A.C famous boardwalk. Because I guess the thing you think about when going to a tourist destination such as atlantic city is Jews being pushed into gas chambers.There are some deranged individuals in our community who wont be satisfied until there is a Holocaust memorial in the middle of disney world. Perhaps they will demand an aushwitz type theme park complete with train ride and make believe ovens? This is what happens when the lunatics are allowed to run the Jewish community. BTW at the same time the nuts in our community build Holocaust memorials, the jews for jezuz were on the A.C boardwalk tricking young Jews into destroying themselves in a spiritual Holocaust completely ignored by the lunatic holocaust memorial building crowd.
Speaking of Jews converting there is a GREAT website and book that can be used to stop Jews from converting to christianity. The website is www.26reasons.com and the book is titled 26 reasons why Jews dont believe in jesus. I asked Michael Steinhart of Birthrite fame to give a copy of this book to each birthrite participant. So far I have not received a reply so I am asking all that read this to contact Michael Steinhart via his foundation or his address in Yerushalym and ask him to give all those that participate in Birthrite a copy of this book.

Why are Jews on the defensive over foreign aid? The usa gives more aid to arabs such as egypt, jordan plo hizbullah yemin turkey iraq and afghanistan than it gives to Israel. ironically its the so called israeli lobby AIPAC that demands congress give huge amounts of aid to arab/moslem nations. I guess I am correct when I say the cia controls the mossad and the mossad controls Jewish groups in america so the cia uses the mossad to destroy israel and american Jewry.
Why isnt the money america gives to NATO considered foreign aid to europe or the money spent keeping usa soldiers in s korea and japan considered foreign aid? because cia/mossad controlled Jewish orgs in america are run by drekjuden,hofjuden kapos and cant or wont make an intelligent argument.

The arab/moslem countries in the middle east are over 650 times larger in geographical size than israel. Why in the world is israel losing the public relations war and allowing itself to be portrayed as a goliath against the moslem David? because as I have said the cia runs the mossad and uses the mossad to destroy israel and american Jewry. its impossible for any country to be as incompetent as israel is when it comes to public relations!
All israel has to do is print a poster of the middle east from morocco and mauritania in afrika across to pakistan and the moslem countries in the former ussr. arab/moslem countries can be 1 color and israel another color. the poster can be captioned "If you think Israel is the problem in the middle east, you shouldnt be talking politics, you should be talking to your psychiatrist", or there can be a contest for the best caption for the above poster. the winner gets 1 week vacation in israel, second place 2 weeks in israel and the loser can be appointed head of public relations for the israeli foreign ministry.
 A book on antisemitism by janice booker is titled The JAP and other myths. In the book Booker lists certain traits of self hating Jews. Some traits are, bragging about the amount of food Jews eat at banquets, acting like a klutz or clown, making oneself subservient to christians,making jokes about being late etc. ALL these traits belong to New York Board of Rabbis pres, vp spokesman joseph 'shecky' potasnik. For 15 yrs or so potasnik has been defacto head of the NYBR. During this period there has been a self destruction by NYC cons/reform Jewry. As their numbers decling shecky potasnik remains in charge of the final solution to NY Jewry. potasnik has been divorced twice and has 1 kid, not a good example for Jewry to emulate. So the question is who is keeping potasnic the failure in charge of the destruction of NYC Jewry?

Did you know lillian hellman rewrote the diary of anne frank play to make it seem more universal. Left wing jews do the same for Chanukah, Pesach and ALL things Jewish. Why do leftists want to make Judaism a universal religion instead of a unique religion? Self hate wanting to be accepted by gentile masters and fear of goyiim is the answer.

Prof james Larson of the univ texas did a study showng in the 1970's israel had more TV coverage (almost ALL negative) than any country other than the ussr. This shows the cia controlled american media has been targetting Jews in  a psych warfare campaign for over 40 years with ALL jewish leaders silent. WHY? because the cia controls th mossad the mossad controls jewish leaders and the cia uses the mossad to destroy world Jewry and israel itself! DUH!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Response To Malcolm Hoenlein

Each week conf pres spokesman malcolm hoenlein appears on the Nachum Segal show and spews out his nonsense designed to keep Jews ignorant with Segal going along as Hoenleins useful idiot.
Therefore I will use this blog to refute hoenlein each week.
Today hoenlein mentioned the bombing in morocco but failed to mention morocco's occupation of SW sahara its theft of phosphates from that area and the Polisario guerillas fighting to end moroccan occupation. Why?
Hoenlein as usual whined about the arab states surrounding Israel but never criticized israel for helping to create its own problems. To listen to hoenlein one would not know it was israel that made sinai and aza Judenfrei, nazionist style and helped cause the problems israel faces today. One would not know it is the official policy of israel to breed arabs inside israel while encouraging Jews to use birth control and abortion to lower the Jewish population of israel. One would never know israel has allowed arabs to steal huge tracts og Jewish govt owned land in israel and build houses illegally on the land. Hoenlein is an enabler for israels disfunctional behavior.
Hoenlein as usual whined about the media. Hoenlein never says the media is controlled by the cia and mi6 even though the entire world knows this as fact. Why is hoenlein keeping Jews ignorant?
Hoenlein never blames left wing israeli lawyers, shalom achshav, women in green or black or whatever color the labor party etc. Israelis are never to blame for their own problems according to hoenlein just as self hating jews that spew out anti semitism are never criticized by abe the virus foxman.
hoenlein talked about the us giving the plo aid money but no mention to israel giving the plo 1 billion dollars a year in aid in the form of tax revenues.
hoenlein talked of Kever Yosef but not the IMO  cia spy ehud barak that gave Kever Yosef to the plo terrorists.
Hoenlein only succeeds in tricking and misleading Jews because nachum segal allows himself to be used as a tool of hoenlein and his fellow travellers.

1-Read the book The JAP and other Myths by janice Booker. Did you know a Jewish woman was murdered by her hubby who then was aquitted after he used the defense his wife was a JAP?
2-Speaking of princesses why is a JAP looked down upon while a british princess is admired? because goys look down on Jews and think of Jews as inferior while princesses are looked on as superior so how can an inferior person think of herself as a princess?
3-Also why is opera looked on as high class while cantorial music is ignored?
4- The brookings institute started the idea of making YESHA Judenrein. This anti semitic ideology has been incorportaed into mainstreal israeli thinking.
5-google cia+dennis montgomery to learn something you dont know.
6-did you know a czek company invented a radar called the vera e that can track stealth fighters?
7-sidney harmon former short lived owner of newsweek donated $20 million to the wash Dc shakespeare company. sidney rot in hell!
8-why do houses in Jewish areas of america cost between 3-10 times more than houses in goy areas of america? behavior modification thru the use of taxation. the higher the mortgage the less kids people will have.
9-why did wor nyc radio fire glenn beck but allow the jewish anti semite michael weiner savage to remain on the station?
10-30 yrs ago israel ordered its spies that run the Jewish organizations in america to provide paliative spiritual care to american Jewry and help american Jewry become extinct.
11-20+ years ago a man named Dr Mondrowitz was on a NY radio station it turns out he was molesting Hasidic kids. he fled to israel but was not extradited the way israel always extradites Jews to america why? becauwe IMO the radio show he worked on was  a front for the mossad and the mossad doesnt want him giving secrets to america on the mossaad activities in america. But why did the mossad hire a child molester in the first place? Because the cia controls the mossad and the mossad controls american Jewish organizations therefore the cia uses the mossad to destroy american Jewry and israel itself.
12-israels dirty little secrets..the large number of Jewish israelis who have married or live with arab men and raise their kids as arabs, the number of israeli Jews that have converted to christianity, the number of israeli Jews that have married christians and left israel and the 1 million or so israelis that have left israel since israels founding.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

What does torah say?

Numbers 33:55 But if you do not disposess the inhabitants of the land those whom you allow to remain shall be stings in your eyes and thorns in your sides and they shall harass you in the land in which you live so thay I will do to you what i planned to do to them.
Deutoronomy 7-14
you shall destroy all peoples that the Lord your G-D delivers to you showing them no pity.
when the Lord your G-D brings you to the land you are about to invade and occupy and he dispossesses many nations before you hittites,gergersites amorsites cananites perizites hivites and jebosites sevennations much larger than you and the Lord your G-D delivers them to you and you defeat them you must doom them to destruction grant them no terms and give them no quarter.if you intermarry with them the Lord will wipe you out Instead you shall tear down their sacred places and consign their images to the fire

Who Loves a Jewish Weiner?

A Tale of 2 Jewish weiners. Weiner #1 abdullah anthony weiner the defacto moslem convert who represents brooklyn NY in congress. last year weiner condemned talk show host glenn beck and his gold selling sponsor for taking advantage of customers by selling them gold at $800 an ounce. weiner who cares more about the democrat party than he does anything else is a 100% schmuck that should be voted out of office and sent packing to his adopted homeland pakistan or arabia.
The second limp weiner is michael weiner savage radio talk host. weiner savage changes his name, blames Jews for antisemitism talks family values while he raised his kids by screaming at them and frightening them into not to having kids of their own. weiner is a stereotypical self hating jew with an inferiority complex. when weiner is around gentiles he goes into his jackie mason shtick and plays the jewish clown. weiner is truly a shonda and loser.
Here is something you may not want to read so those with queezy stomachs stop reading. Jewish congresswoman giffords had part of her brain removed after her shooting. she will never recover. I will betcha that her hubby divorces her either the end of 2011 or early 2012 and her mother will take care of her for the rest of her life.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jews love Goys not versa visa

how much gelt fo wealthy jews give to goys each year?
Here are a few examples the JCRC of nyc gives millions, leon charney the self describes govt agent that ran ezer weitzman during camp david gave millions to a ny hospital, facebook founder zuckerberg gave 100 mill to newark nj non Jewish public schools, eli broad and his wife edith gave almost a billion dollars to gentile schools and art museums, tv guide head one eared wally annenberg gave 100 mill to united negro college fund, gluckman of smith barney gave milions for irish culture in nyc,leslie wexner and his mommy of the limited gave 250 million bucks in stock to the ohio higher education trust, michael dell gives millions to goys as does  nyc mayor mikey bloombag, leona helmsley gave her estate to her dogs rather that to Jewish kids. most super rich jews dont give to Jewish causes, Therefore I propose placing wealthy jews into herem and not allowing them or their children to be buried in Jewish cemeteries.

They went like Sheep!

I just saw a PBS DVD documentary titled bridge on the river kwai. narrated by liev shreiber.
The documentary is about allied POW's that worked for the japanese during wwII. The pows were told they were going to rest camps to sit out the duration of the war, instead they were put in box cars and taken to work on a railroad the japanese built from burma to thailand. the pows surrendered without putting up a fight, they didnt try and escape, they were starved to death, beaten and tortured but didn't flee into the jungle, there were few japanese guards, no barbed wire they pows cooperated and worked as slaves many dieing of starvation during the process. the same is true of asian civilians that worked as slaves for the japanes during wwII and had a huge death rate. The same is true of pows that went like sheep on the bataan death march. YET, I betcha that you never heard anyone ask why the pows or asian civilians went like sheep. Now look at how Jews holocaust victims are treated in the media, constantly asked why didnt they fight back as if 65 yr old bubbe is gonna take a kitchen knife and single handedly attack a platoon of german ss troops. Jews are asked why didnt they flee, why did some cooperate etc, these same questiions are never asked of pows. Why? because the goyiim enemy along with self hating 'jewish' leaders such as abe foxman  want Jews to be victims and use the holocaust as a form of psychological warfare against Jews to lower Jewish self esteem by portraying Jews as weak and cowardly while never portraying pows the same way. Shame on you abe foxman, who do you really work for?

The dvd israel and the arabs the 50 year war interviewed the former head of intelligence for golda meir during the 73 war as well as former king of jordan hussein. hussein said he flew his helicopter to Jerusalem before the 73 war and informed meir that egypt and syria were gonna attack israel. The head of isreali intel was listening to the conversation . meir and her intel chiefs did not react to husseins warning and allowed israel to be atatcked. WHY? because IMO the lunatic left epitomiozed by meir wanted the arabs to regain their pride after the 67 defeat. so they allowed Jewish soldiers to be murdered in order to bring about a bizarre type of peace. Meir and her left friends such as shimon 'KGB spy' peres yimach shemo should have been brought up on war crime charges like eichman and hung.

on 4-44 2011 bloomberg magazine published a story on how libyas khadafy bought himself into the usa media. khadafy hired the Monitor group a mass based group headed by a man named barber to have a meeting in libya, after this libyan propaganda articles were placed in the wash post and new republic magazine, the head of the monitor group now works for the NY think tank Demos.Did these people lobby for libya without registering as foreign agents  if so why havent they been prosecuted? How many think tanks are us govt spy fronts?

how muchh money has the trustee overseeing the bernie madoff fiasco paid himself? I understand its already in the tens or hundreds of millions going to irving piccard. When this is over piccard will have IMO stolen more from madoffs victims than madoff did, and noth did the stealing with the approval of the usa goyerment.
speaking of madoff nayone really believe madoffs friend who made billions from madoff drowned accidentally in his palm beach pool or do you believe he was murdered as a cover up for an intel agency that worked with  madoff to steal from jews?

remember the gay Jewish doctor in san francisco who was learning arabic. He was found dead at the bottom of an elevator shaft and it was ruled an accident. Anyone believe hi smurder was an accident?

Question Juliet and Juliet, Answer the Thesbian is a Lesbian

Why does it seem that so many high ranking workers in the justice dept homeland security are lesbians? A psychology major can do a disertation on why lesbians are attracted to work in the justice system. I aint no shrink but I betcha that the reason lesbians are attracted to doj work is because lesbians hate men and by working in doj lesbians can act out their mental illness and target men and put men in cages. If the goyerment knew a member of the kkk was working in doj as a prosecutor would they allow the kkk man to prosecute black people? of course not, but ask yerself dont lesbians hate men with the same zeal hat kkk men hate Black People? so shouldnt lesbians be prevented from prosecuting men?
 Some alleged lesbians in recent years in doj/homeland security are janet napolitano, janet reno, barbara guss, mary jo white, of NY lynn abrahamson of PA  and mousekoph of brooklyn NY.

The goyerment is at it again. after persecuting 'crazy' eddy antars father for over 20 yrs, the doj persecuted imclone founder waksal's elderly father,then they persecuted the elderly Mr Rubashkin of agroprocessors for hiring immigrants allowed into ameriKKKa by bush and clinton, Now the goyerment is trying a new tactic to attack an elderly Jew. The goyerment is trying to get the the ceo of Forest laboratories Howard Soloman fired by banning his corp from doing business with the goyerment. His corp plead guilty to a misdeamenor and the goyerment is now holding him responsible. In the past many drug corps have plead guilty to the same charge such as bayer but their ceos were not persecuted. The goyerment is now trying to have all drug corps led by blacks by targetting white and Jewish ceos.

why didnt the usa bomb hitlers motorcades during wwII? hitler yimach shemo travelled with over 1000 bodyguards the various spies in the various undergrounds knew where hitler was they could have radioed hitlers whereabouts to the americans/brits and they could have launched a 1000 plane attack on hitlers vicinity,,,but they did not because the so called allies wanted wwII to go on and Jews to be murdered because war is good for the economy.

british newspapers have interesting articles on brits involved in the global warming fraud. I am not a spook but many appear to me to possibly have ties to brit intel mi6, here are some names mentioned in the article..Globe International,grantham institute..jeremy grantham is a wealth advisor with clients such as dick cheney and john kerry, Complus alliance a costa rican based group funded by brits, the swedish founder of skype funds these groups as well as does the british propaganda unit called BBC.

YNET reports that 1000 christians in america have converted to Judaism and are moving to Sameria, How many of these are cia spies?

interesting fellow andy rutherford of one world action, british group involved in w sahara.

william agee of the cia wrote an interesting book listing various cia front groups, the cia/fbi  has stolen many copies of this book from libraries in america

Monday, April 25, 2011

Random Thoughts

70-80% of Jews join shuls because they are asked only 9% join on their own. if cons/ref rabbis dont do outreach and knock on doors Jews wont join shuls and more shuls will close.
there are over 100 baale tzuva orgs in the usa and canada, Anyone believe they do any good or are they in business to make money for those that run these groups.
aish hatorah rabbi andrew mentsh said on 2-5-1989 on wnym radio in NYC, 'we dont have to go in the streets to get people WE HAVE ENOUGH' is this a statement from a rabbi that sounds good yo you?
pajamamedia.com reports LA sheriff BACA supports moslem terrorists. Why cant Jews in caleeefornia vote him out? Isnt he the one that protects mel gibson?
What are the goals of the jewish organizations in america does your local shul set yearly goals? i doubt it.
book pulling strings by Brenda Danet on corruption in israel.
The JTA and Forward and jewish substandard websites ban nationalist Jewish comments  but allow communist and pro plo comments. there is more freedom of speech today in libya than in most jewish organizations.
What was the cons/ref jewish population in NYC when joe shecky potasnik took control of the ny board of rabbis and what is it today? Does shecky know what afailure he has been or is he so delusional he thinks he is doing a good job?

why does israel extradite Jews to ameriKKKa but not to russia?
socail workers in israel tell Jewish women to use birth control and have small families and tell arab women in israel to have large families.
Read the book Volunteer by michael ross and decide if he was a cia spy that infiltrated the mossad or just a tourist.

Money for Nothing and the Bagels for Free

How much gelt do your do nothing 'jewish' leaders pull down each year, and have you ever voted for a 'jewish' leader? All numbers are approximate if you want exact figures google jewish forward+jewish leaders salaries
Here goes..the head of the JNF  Robinson$542,000. Not bad for a man who did not have enough  fire fighting equip to put out a small brush fire.
anti defamation league foxman, $560,000. Not bad for someone who has done NOTHING ti help Jewry during his tenure, In fact while arab/moslem anti defamation groups have links to civil rights lawyers (many of whom are Jewish) the adl does not have links to lawyers because the adl wants to downplay anti semitism in america and not encourage Jews to sue their enemies. Is foxman a president for life like idi amin or does his term have a limit?
AJ committee $499,000. I would criticize this group but after decades of studying Jewish orgs I have no idea what they do.

Hadassa $395,000

ZOA Morton Klein.$361,000 Do I have to be the one to speak of the 800 lb gorilla in the room while everyone else is silent? Okay I will. Klein has I believe turetts and cannot speak properly it is tedious and nerve wracking to listen to him talk. Morty you cant speak stop trying to be a spokesman and hurting your cause! SCHMUCK!
Presidents conference spokesman Malcolm Hoenlein. $295,000. Where do I begin. This galut mentality whiner is a shonda for the goyiim cubed.
 hoenlein whines that  moslems are destroying Jewish artifacts on the temple mount, he whines that moslems violate agreements, he whies when the plo kills Jews and shells sderot from aza BUT someone should tell hoenlein that his israeli masters made aza Judenrein his israeli masters founded hamas, his israeli masters give the plo 1 billion dollars a year and his israeli masters can stop moslems on the temple mount from destroying Jewish artifacts whenever they want so hoenlein should stop acting as an enabler and supporting the anti Jewish israeli govt!
Many Jewish federation heads make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year as the number of Jews in their area declines.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The real america, Jewsih 'leaders' dont want Jews to know about

Ever hear of Gary Webb? He was a reporter for the san jose mercury newspaper. He wrote a brilliant article on the cia importing cocaine into america. Webb was then pillaried by cia assets in other american media outlets. Webb was then murdered by the cia and the murder covered up as a suicide.

Remember cia head william colby. Colby gave the interview with watergate reporter Carl Bernstein in which colby said the american media is controlled by the cia. Colby was murdered by the cia and it was covered up by saying colby fell off his boat in the potamic river and drowned. yeah right!

After the taliban fell in afghanistan america sent in a cia agent with a suitcase load of cash. He gave the money to afghan warlords so they could restart their opium production which had been stopped when afghanistan was under taibal rule.

former panama pesident manuel noreiga was on the cia payroll and he was allowed to send illegal drugs into america as part of his employment.

The usa supports mexican drug dealers. recently america even sent mexican druglords  illegal guns so mexican drug gangs can kill and intimidate american border agents.

The usa allows syria to send drugs into america in return for intelligence info.

What ever happened to the stories of the cia importing drugs from south america into mina arkansas? The media covered up these stories faster than you can say cia drug dealers.

Anyone really believe american govt wants to stop illegal drugs from coming into america? There is too much money being made by cia agents smuggling drugs to stop this trade.

Whats old in america?

A sculpture above the door in the nations capital rotunda by enrico causici shows Daniel Boone murdering 2 Native Americans aka american indians. Interesting how america glorifies stealing and murdering those americans stole the land from.

In 1903 the bureau of indian affairs forced native americans to take 'american names'. reform and conservative spiritual leaders also encourage their followers to take 'american' ie english names.
You dont htink that reform and conservative leaders are 5th column agents of the american goyerment rying to destroy Jewry thru assimilation, do ya?

Geroge Cornell of the AP quoted emmanuel jacobowitz head 'rabbi' of england as saying, Its better for Jews to learn christianity in school than not to learn any religion. jacobowitz is obviously a british govt appointed hofjude kapo.

Did you know former american president  poppa bush used a hotel room in texas as his address so he could claim texas as his primary address and evade state income taxes in states where he really lived? Did you know george little bush as a head of harken energy sold $850,000 worth of stock 1 week before earnings were released showing harken lost money. If bush had waited to sell his stock he would have made 1/2 million dollars less, This is called insider trading and you can be sure as heck that if bushs name would have been goldstein or feldman the nazi fbi would have arrested him on insider trading charges. Did you know neil bush gave loans to business partners of his when he was director of silverado bank in colorado without disclosing to other directors his relationship to the borrowers? Of course the borrowers defaulted on over $100 million of loans. In the 3 bush cases poppas tax evasion, juniors insider trading and brother neils fraud, no bushs were arrested by the fbi or prosecuted by the self hating jewish lesbians in the american dept of justice.

Speaking of insider trading ask yourself why hillary clinton was not arrested by the fbi nor prosecuted for her using insider info in the commodity market and turning $1,000 into $100,000 profit. Funny, hillary hasnt achieved this again. Either beginners luck or a federal felony, you decide.

Speaking of tax evasion the now NJ governor chriss chrisstie loaned money to a subordinate while he was federal us attorney in NJ then he and his wife didnt declare the interest paid by the borrower on the loan. Obviously, this was to cover up the unethical behavior of loaning money to a subordinate and to also commit tax evasion. The fbi has not arrested christie but rhe fbi did on christies orders use a con artis to entrap 90 yr old Rabbis on a fake money laundering charge.

The fbi arrested and prosecuted Imclone founder and his pal martha stewart on insider trading charges for selling stock. and for misspeaking to the fbi. As you know Imclone was on the verge of finding a cure for cancer when its founder was arrested by the fbi. The fbi arrested him because large drug corps dont want  a cure for cancer to be found as there is too much money to be made in giving people with cancer fake  hugely expensive treatments that dont work.

Info your Rabbi didnt tell you

In Pat Choats book it says the cia uses reporters, editors,anchormen,TV producers,cameramen,broadcast technicians, as well as trade associations and foundations as fronts.

Book Hidden Treasures by langruth it says on page 85 in the past the Ford foundation paid travel expenses for a secret  usa govt employee.
pg 89 the cia gave 50,000 college and high schol textbooks to Brazil to influence students. pg 91 the cia ran 600 candidates in Brazils election for state deputy, 250 candidates for federal deputy, 15 candidtaes for federal senate and 8 candidates for governorships.
Perhaps this explains why american president  barry big ears made the trip to Brazil earlier this year.
pg 93 the cia in conjunction with the afl cio pooled their money and started a group called the american institute for free labor development. pg 102 the cia spent $20 million to influence Brazil's elections in 1962. Imagine how much the cia spends influencing Brazil's elections today. pg 122 The danish executive of firestone was a cia spy. pg 162 william buckley jr a cia spy in mexico. The head of GE subsidiary in Montevedo and 9 other businessmen met weekly with the cia station chief there. Didnt GE head just go to Brazil with usa president barry big ears. I guess the more things change the more they stay the same.
In the book in search of enemies by Stockwell pg 59 a freelance photographer works for the cia, pg119 cia agents pretend to be reporters,pg 112 a Brazillian journalist worked as a cia spy. Reporter David Ottoway put a story in the washington post for the cia. As you know the Ottoway family has run the newspaper in Midletown NY Times Hearld record and this rag has printed stories almost daily attacking a local Chasidic village  for decades. You dont think this newspaper is a front for the cia and is attacking Jews as part of the cia's psychological warfare campaign against Jews, do yah?!
pg 197 the cia propagandizes NY press, pg 199 a european film crew is on the cia's payroll.

True of false the national Enquirer was founded by a cia spy named Mr Pope?

In the book Molehunt by Wise many cia spies are named.

The book In Search for the Manchurian Candidate on page 109 Parke-Davis drug co worked with the cia, pg 125 cia had a writer for the Miami News.

Now head of the israeli 'jewish' agency anatoly sharansky was arrested by the kgb for passing spy info to a cia agent using the LA Star newspaper as a cover. Was or is sharansky a cia spy?

Anyone notice that since comcast bought NBC from GE that NBC has been reporting on a royal wedding daily? If the head of MI6 was running nbc (assuming he isnt) he couldnt put more british propaganda on the network as is beng spewed out now. Also why hasnt anyone ever asked why the BBC which is a propaganda arm of the british goyerment and is a branch of the british intel agenct MI6 is allowed to broadcast on public radio and TV stations in america? Who in america is allowing british propaganda fronts to spew out its vile propaganda in america?
I am sure nothing illegal in this because if there was anything illegal I am sure the fbi would have put as much effort in catching british spies as they do in using a con artist to entrap 90 year old rabbis in NJ.

Speaking of MI6 activities in america. Anyone wonder why america gives britain cruise missiles or why america has given britain nuclear missiles Is it possible that americans of british ancestry have dual loyalty and support britain because it is their ancestral homeland?

Speaking of the american goyerment controlling its TV media. Isnt it a coinkydink that ALL american TV media have stopped reproting on the riots taking place in arab countries, All the TV stations coincidentally decided atthe same time to stop covering the riots occurring in saudi arabia, egypt, libya, algeria, tunesia ,syria, jordan ,yemen etc. All american TV outlets refuse to report on moroccos illegal occupation of SW Sahara belonging to the Polasario people nor does american TV report on the 20 million stateless Kurdish People. This is because the american goyerments agenda is to portray israel as the new nazi state and force israel to destroy itself in a piece by piece process that has left israel presently the size of rhode island and if american president barry big ears gets his way will leave israel the size of aushwitz.

Did you know the arab countries are over 450 times larger in size than israel? probably not if you get your info from american goyerment controlled TV and newspapers.

Former american president james earl ray OOPS I mean james earl carter has said israel is an apartheid state. Is carter correct? israel mandates Jews serve in the military , israel has destroyed huge numbers of Jewish owned homes in sinai and aza and Judea and Sameria. Israel makes it all but impossible for Jews to live in single family homes and forces Jews to live in apartments in the sky as part of israels policy of settling Jews in the sky of israel. In israel arabs dont serve in the military, are allowed to steal state owned land and build illegal houses on th eland which the govt then accepts, arabs dont live in apartments but live on and settle the land of israel. arabs do not pay taxes. So I must agree with former ameriKKKan president james earl ray OOPS I mean james earl carter, israel does practice apartheid, but the apartheid israel practices is an anti-Jewish apartheid. carters complaints about israel are part of a psychological warfare campaign by america to manipulate mentally weak israeli leaders such as shimon the millionaire bolshivik peres to  get israel to destroy itself in a piece by piece process.

back to americans of british ancestry supporting britain at the expense of america, A federal 'judge' in NYC colleen mcmahon whose husband used to be a high ranking drone in the george soros organization has written a book. (mcmahon uses her maiden name as a judge.). In her book published by her racist episcopalian church A view from gabatha mcmahon writes on page pg 58 referring to the Prophet Jacob 'Jacob always struck me as someone worthy of a kick in the pants never mind a crack on the hip. Jacob was a liar, a cheat ,a trickster, a cad ,a coward, a thief and an ingrate. He was envious arrogant and crafty,. He played favorites'. pg 87-89 she doesnt send christians to prison for very serious crimes when a minister asks her not to. pg 97 Referiing to 'Isaac Black' a Hasidic Jewish defendent from the village attacked daily in the newspaper run by the pro cia ottoway family. mcmahon writes 'when this sort finds their way into my courtroom burning them with unquenchable fire is not far from my mind', 'unquenchable fire was too good for him' Black was in court on a fraud charge. pg 103 mcmahon circumvents the law for christians when she wants.
Ask yourself my Dear Readers should a bigoted thing like mcmahon be a federal judge? Is her episcopalian church tied to the govt of britain and does she protect her fellow americans of british ancestry. Ask if a Jewish judge wrote a book attacking jeszus would the Jewish judge have been impeached? Ask why Sen. schmuck shumer or congresshag nita lowy have not started impeachment proceedings against this unqualified mentally ill woman posing as a judge. Are  these 2 kapos taking bribes in the form of campaign money not to impeach mcmahon? Ask yourself has george soros bought himself this judge thru her husband or perhaps does soros just rent her by the hour. Like a good nazi coward she hides her nazi views from her coworkers and lives among Jews. I have been informed she lives at 10 w 66st st NYC in an apartment building with a large Jewish population.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Info for naive Jews

As you know the term 614th Commandment was coined by Emil Fackenheim. You can google this term to learn more.
 Did You Know...
the 4th psych ops group of the us army had members stationed in CNN headquarters in Atlanta GA? This was confirmed by major Thomas Collins of the army info service.

CBS  'reporter'  lara logan said of usa bombing in Afghanistan, "difficult not to be impressed with the powerfullness and verocity of us strikes". Was this so called reporter equally impressed by the powerfullness and verocity of men she made the aquaintance of in egypt?

In an 1977 or 1978 article in Rolling Stone magazine, Watergate reporter Carl bernstein interviewed then head of the cia william colby. Colby said that the american media is controlled by the cia. To read the article google bernstein+cia+media.

The book Agents of Influence by Pat Choate lists many cia front groups.
The book written by cia bigwhig Agee lists many cia front groups

E Howard Hunt of Watergate fame said Fodor guides were used by the cia as fronts

In the book From the secret files of j edgar hoover by A.T.Harris PG 103 the fbi sent a letter to martin luther king telling him to kill himself. Anyone think that when MLK refused to commit suicide the fbi had james earl carter OOPS! I mean james earl ray murder Dr King?
Clyde Tolson Hoovers right hand man (lover) resigned within 24 hours of hoovers death and inherited the bulk of hoover's estate, because hoover and tolson were gay lovers.

In the book Age of Surveillance by Frank Donner. On page 236 The FBI used a diseased prostitute to infect left wing leaders with SDS's in California. This was a forerunner to the fbi /cia spreading AIDS to those it dislikes.

On page 146 of the same book it says the american Jewish congress and the american Jewish committee helped the fbi. Anyone think they are fbi fronts helping to destroy american Jewry thru assimilation?
Page 336 of the same book says the american Jewish committee and the UJA were spied on by the IRS. And they thought that by becomming kapos the goyiin would protect them. Silly americans of Mosaic ancestry.

In the book The Very Best men by evan Thomas on page 159 says Bing Crosby was a cia spy. The show Hogans Heroes was produced by bing crosby. Do y'all think he produced the show on orders of the cia? On page 290 the author says the cia used chemicals to contaminate sugar in cuba.

In the last 2 paragraphs you learned the cia/fbi uses chemical and biological warfare when they want even though its use contravenes the geneva convention to which america is a signatory.

In the Book cia and american democracy Rhonda jeffreys-jones lists cia fronts on pages 25-26 and on page 48 says the cia supports the leftwing MAPAI party in israel.

In the book syria unmasked pg 165 It says the cia helped syria smuggle drugs into america in return for intelligence info.

In the Book the Secret War Against the Jews, written by Loftus and Aarons, they say that the british told the pope not to help Jews during WWII and that british advised natzis.