Saturday, June 18, 2011

george soros-Glenn Beck-mikey weiner and abe 'cia' foxman

george soros used his gelt to buy bribetaking vermin claiming to be rabbis off and have them sign a newspaper adv condeming Glenn Beck as an anti semite. abe 'cia'foxman also labeled Beck an anti semite perhaps after receiving soros gelt. Soros used these groups of useful idiots to get Beck fired from WOR radio in NYC, Why?
 because soros is a nazi and attacked beck in order to take attention from soros's fellow nazi wannabe mikey weiner aka michael savage also a host on wor. You see there was and is growing pressure on wor management to remove mikey weiners savage nation radio show from wor because savage is a self hating jew, an anti semite and a nazi wannabe. By firing  Beck a friend of Jews and Israel after falsely labeling him an anti semite wor can now say that it already removed one host at the request of Jews and cannot remove another, so mikey weiner will be allowed to stay and spew out his Jew hatred on his show.
 If you listen to weiner-savage you can tell he is a psychological head case. he and his wife raised their 2 kids (2 kids so as not to overpopulate the world) to not have kids themselves. savage weiner treats his dog the way a normal man treats his grandkids., weiner will play the clown role when he is around gentiles he sucks up to such as donald trump. weiner savage like the radio freak that preceded him howard stern has felt like an outsider his entire life. No matter how successful he is he still needs more acceptance and will do anything to gain acceptance from the christian majority. Both savage and stern  should be boycotted and  regarded as self hating jews and enemies of the Jewish People. weiner savage owns Rock Star energy drink and this should be pulled from Jewish owned stores and boycotted by world Jewry.

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