Thursday, June 16, 2011

israel leaders love fords

the (IMO cia spy front) ford foundation is leaving israel after decades of trying to destroy israel from within.
ford foundation has worked openly with the ameriKKKan  goyerment to subvert israel from within and therefore destroy american Jewry as well.
The question is why has israel allowed this ameriKKKan spy front to operate openly for decades? How much money in bribes have been paid to israeli leaders? does ameriKKKa now pay bribes to shimon peres thru his son in caleeefornia the way lockhead paid peres bribes thru his brother in europe?
has ehud barak, ehud olmert, the meridor clan,begins shitrits amran mitzna, roni milo,the entire lebor party, shalom achshav,yossi sarid, the conmservative and reformed leaders,mossad and shabak heads and agents, sachnut operatives.etc all received bribes from the ford foundation to allow it to operate in israel.
If so, israel needs to build the worlds largest gas chamber and put all their traitors in it!

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