Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ameriKKKan airline screeners

when you place your food in a grey tote in an airline xray screener line ever wonder the person who used the tote before you placed his/her filthy athlete foot contaminated footwear in the same tote...and tsa agents do not disinfect grey totes?
 ever notice when tsa agents go thru a suitcase in a screening line with their blue gloves they dont change gloves after each search, so the germs on the previous suitcase contents get on your stuff.
 ever wonder when tsa agents doa pat down they use the same filthy gloves on you they just used on the homeless bum that they searched before you?
 You never wondered about any of these things..because you ameriKKKans are too afraid of your goyerment to ask any questions.

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