Saturday, June 18, 2011

weiner is gone BUT

weiner was such a dislikeable fellow even those that thought he shouldnt leave congress remained quiet.
Here are a couple of other congressfreaks the goyerment controlled ameriKKKan media wont crucify like they crucified weiner.
louisianna congressman david vitter a republican that likes to shtup whores
florida congressman connie mack jr married to caleeefornia congresswoman mary bono. do they live in and represent florida or live in and represent caleeefornia? How can people be married, represent different sides of the country without being unethical?
chuck rangel- I dont have to pay taxes chucky
nancy pelosi who used goyerment planes to ferry her family around illegally
gerald nadler- I dont know what he has done that is illegal but I can tell by looking at him he has a closet full of skeletons as well perhaps as size XL dresses from lane bryant.
ron paul the gynacologist - why would a normal person leave a job looking at va j jas all day to go to washington and look at assholes all day?
There are many more corrupt congresspeople

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