Friday, June 10, 2011

If I was a rich man....

Is fiddler on the roof really a pro-Jewish play as the establishment contends? Of Tevyas daughters-One daughter converts to christianity, one becomes a commie and 1 remains Jewish. Is this really a Pro-Jewish story? Then again the same 'jews' that kvell over 'fiddler' also kvell over woody allen and larry david. So perhaps this is just a case of Jews with mental disorders agreeing with each other.
 In the 1980s Israel shelled the plo in beruit the un and amerikkkan goyerment controlled media went beserk. Since then whats happened? the usa has bombed beruit, kabul, bagdad, tripoli, saana, and parts of pakistan. In fact the only country the usa wont bomb is iran. Just more proof the ameriKKKan media is as former cia chief william colby said  controlled by the american govt.
why is the amerikkkan media hiding the huge almost daily body count of civilian casualities caused by american forces in iraq,pakistan, afghanistan libya and yemin?
An interesting dvd is titled One day in September by arthur cohn. it is about the Israeli athletes killed in the munich olympics. It has much little known info. Another interesting dvd is titled They looked away narrated by mike wallace on the Holocaust. Also much interesting little known info. Both dvds can be found in public libraries in Jewish parts of ameriKKKa.

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