Tuesday, June 14, 2011

who is hal rodgers?

hal rodgers is a congressman from kentucky, he has been a congressman for over 20 years he doesnt get on meet the press or face the nation, he isnt screaming on cnn or fox news,he is not well known nor does he seek national publicity the way shumer, feinstein, boxer, frank, lautenberg, wasserman -shmutz, weiner etc.seek publicity All he does is get pork for his constituents. While the control freak jewish politicians try and control everything  and do nothing for their districts but only obsess on 1 issue that is  israel can continue to gets its foreign aid ,goys like hal rodgers go about quietly bankrupting ameriKKKa getting pork for their districts.
if you think sheik anthony 'tiny'weiner the convert to islam is the only 'jewish' weirdo in congress guess again!

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