Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Boring Book

james risen's book state of war, not worth reading, whi is the cia sooo upset over this boring book? Only info is saudi intel officials have bin laden screen savers on their computers, the us gives saudis intel then saudi gives it to al quaida, also the usa allows afghanistsn to grow opium over 206,000 hectares in afghanistan used to grow drugs worth $7 billion. the usa is a partner t thsi drug heroin production...but we all knew this  before we read the book so whats the big deal?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Hidden hand strikes again

Yesterday the christianazi hidden hand that runs ameriKKKa struck again. The man that attempted to assassinate   Jewish congresswoman Giffords was declared insane. After the judges ruling the judge then asked the 'insane' man if he wanted to remain in the court or watch the proceedings on TV. If the judge believed the man is really insane and doesnt know what he is doing and is not responsible for his decisions why ask him to make a decision?
 The judge had initially sent the wannabe assassin jared loughner to be evaluated in a facility FAR AWAY from arizona. This is because the fix was in and the hidden hand had already decided to protect loughner BECAUSE the hidden hand was behind the shootings from the outset. The facility loughner was sent to is part of the goyenment conspiracy to target Jewish People. This shows that hatred of Jews supersedes everything else. In this case the assassin murdered a federal judge BUT even that was not enough for the christianazi hidden hand to prosecute him.
 This is reminicent of the christianazi hidden hand that was behind the murder of the Holy Rabbi Meir Kahane zt"l. In that case the assassination was witnesssed by dozens of people but the murderer was found not guilty of Kahanes murder. The murderer el sayed nosair after murdering Kahane shot a mailman in the street and was convicted of this act.
Speaking of the hidden hand. Its reported today that the american terrorist behind the attack on the Chabad House in Bombay (Yeah thats right I said Bombay not mumbay!) admitted in american court he worked for the usa goyerment when he murdered the Chasidic couple in Bombay. The american terrorist named headley worked for the american drug enforcement agency DEA as well as for pakistans intelligence agency. Question is how will so called jewish senators and congresspeople react? Will they uncover the hidden hand that tragets Jewish People, will they end foreign aid to pakistan or will it be business as usual? The answer is as obvious as the nose on tzippi livnis face.
Speaking of useful idiots. The reason usa talk radio and republicans are fawning over israeli PM Bobo  Notayahuds speeches in america is not because they love Bobo. Its because they hate obama and an enemy of my enemy is my friend. The talk radio crown and repubs werent sooo pro israel when little bush pressured the now worlds largest vegetable to make aza Judenrein and we all remember the rep slogan are you for begin or reagan.

Monday, May 23, 2011

BBC news flash

the bbc reported last night Bob Dylan used drugs in the 1960s
maybe tomorrow bbc will report elton john is gay but you can be sure the bbc will never report the british intel org mi6 was behind the murder of princedd diana on orders of queen elizabeth.

He said she said..who cares?

the head of the imf dominique straus-cahn was accused of rape by an afrikan cleaning girl. the local nyc DA cyrus vance son of former james earl carterdrek cyrus vance decided to prosecute cahn. cahn said the relations were consentual , the woman is hiv + therefore the woman committed a felony by not disclosing she is hiv +, BUT the da refuses to arrest the woman, this is a perfect example of the corrupt ameriKKKan judicial system which makes the syrian, n korean or cuban judicial systems seem fair.


luftansa and 3 other european airlines paid between 5-10 million  dollars a yr to the plo for protection  in the 1970s. plo make 150 million dollars a yr from the lebanese drug trade in the 1970s, oil companies paid the plo $10 million a yr for protection,in 1975 sec of treasury william simon agreed not to disclose arab investments in america, kissinger agreed that the usa would not talk to the plo, the usa has kept 1 agreement and broke the other agreement...so much for jewish power in ameriKKKa.

there are 30 so caled palestinian billionaires in kuwait, wealthy plo terrorist supporters in europe are hasib sabbagh head of CCC, abdel majmor shoman of the arab bank,munib khori of gentrol, munib masri of EDG.

during wwII sec treasury morganthau commissioned a report titled Acquiesence of this goyerment in the murder of the Jews. Proof the usa goyerment took part in the holocaust.

On page 117 of rabbi Kahanes book why be Jewish published in 1977 he says that so called jewish leaders in america will support israel making YESHA Judenrein because jewish leaders fear gentile opinion. In 1976-77 j federation in nyc gave $10 to each Jewish kid in Jewish school but gave much more to fake jewish hospitals and to gentile programs, pg 131 james rudin told Jews not to worry about intermarriage, rudin made millions of dollars destroying Jews and now lives in luxory on sanibel island florida,the american jewish committee was against boycotting german products in wwII, on page 118 the first ordination of reform fake rabbis in ameriKKKa included a shrimp buffet,

machivelli said among other things which being unarmed brings you it causes you to be despised. senator chuck shumer knows this as does nyc mayor bloombag this is why these 2 left wing nazis disarm Jews.

Friday, May 20, 2011

bribetakers and useful idiots

we all have heard nachum segal gloat over his being invited to the hussein obama off-whitehouse for a Chanuka party. apparently the fat man can be bought off with a jelly donut.

remember a few decades back when goys said israel should give away YESHA (westbank) israel ordered its useful idiots that run the jewish establishment in america to squeal like stuck pigs and call the goys anti semitic? Now its the nazionist israelis themselves that compete with each other to make all of YESHA Judenfrei. How much american money is being paid to the bribetaking garbage that run israel?

In fact the cia controls the israeli govt and the israeli govt controls the jewish establishment in amerikkka. the cia uses israel to destroy american Jewry thru assimilation. Now that the birf rate of american jewry is 1.2 kids per couple and it takes 2.5 kids per couple to sustain a people, american Jewry is doomed to extinction. The cia is now using its israeli useful idiots to destroy israel itself in a piece by piece process. Just as the germanazis used their jewish kapos to destroy fellow Jews before the nazis ordered the kapos to turn on and destroy themselves.

Ask yourself why israel has had lousy public relations for 40+years? this cant be an accident therefore its as obvious as the nose on tzipi livnis face that israel wants negative publicity in order to destroy itself and world Jewry.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jews and goys

former ny politician alan hevisi rots in prison while former liberal party chair ray harding has his felony reduced to a small misdemenor and is not given jail time for much more serious crimes than hevisi. and where are all the jewish loiyahs and ny bigshots? hiding under their beds like the mossad appointed cowards they are!

Today jstreet has a ny times adv featurning many israeli former generals and politicians that want to destroy israel in a piece by piece solution that will leave israel slightly larger than aushwitz.
 lets hope the know it all zionists get what they want so they will finally leave american Jews alone and allow us to prosper instead of the present situation of israel destroying american Jewry.

In the caleeefornia city of fag fransisco they have a ballot amendment in the coming election to ban circumcision.
Again mossad appointed jewish cowardly leaders are as mute and cowardly as their mossad appointed ny brethren!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

what ever happened to

jesse jackson after he was accused of tax evasion? the irs said because he had messy records they could not prosecute him.
al sharpton who ows 2 mill in irs taxes? he is not being prosecuted for tax evasion just as he was not prosecuted for incitement to murder
after inciting the bias crime attack attack that resulted in murder of people  in freddys fashion mart in nyc.
tawana brawley? she was never prosecuted either she now works as a nurse in a nursing home in claremont virginia.
and of course the google man that started the revolution in egypt wael ghonim? he is given a 7 figure contract to write a book by houghton mifflin harcourt.
us congressman chalie rangel you got it the irs wont prosecute him on tax evasion charges either.

Speaking of bastards

The media is abuzz over a child born out of wedlock fathered by an actor, In the past children born this way were called bastards and had negative connotations. The media including the bbc is now calling this type of child a "love child". this is to glorify anti social behavior and ruin society by encouraging people to have kids and not get married.
speaking of bastards the israeli dm ehud barak has reduced the # of troops on the western border to allow illegal immigrants to invade israel from egyptian occupied sinai. Now ehud barak is allowing arabs from syria and lebanon to invade israel as well. the question is how much money is the cia paying ehud barak to commit this treason?
 Bastards part deux. the jnf is wasting money building a theater in Beer Sheva. The organizer is dudu fisher who has ties to admitted cia spy leon charney. why is the jnf spending money on theater when there are still millions of trees that need to be planted and just recently israel was unable to put out a fire because of lack of proper fire fighting equip. The jnf is starting to look like a cia controlled org to me, shame on Mr robinson the head of jnf. BTW what kind of Jew is named robinson?!
In othe rstale news the west bank village of dir jarir is controlled by jordanian intelligence, israel general yukitel adam was killed in lebanon by a 14 yr old on mossads orders, the former head of security for the pm, levinson was a soviet spy, the brit in charge of overseeing british cemeteries in various parts of the world is a mi6 agent, israel was behind the us attack on libya in the 1980s this info based on victor ostrovskys book

Sunday, May 15, 2011

the hand of the mossad

the arrest of the imf head on fake sex assault charges folling the fake sex assault charge last week on the orthodox Holy Rabbi is the work of the mossads new head.
as we see there are NO Hasidic fed judges in ny or the usa this is because IMO ny senator schmuck shumer has been ordered by his handlers in the mossad not to allow Hasidic judges on the bench so Jews will continue to be persecuted,
the naturi karta delegation to iran is probably carrying messages from the mossad to agents in iran, the book profits of war by ari ben-menashe says israel uses the neturi karta for this type of mission and I guess the new head of the mossad thinks iran hasnt read ben-menashes book. ROFL.
last week the american Parade magazine had a cover story on TV moms, 3 of whom are blond and all christian, this is a cia ploy to encourage white women to breed,
last week the NY times had 2 full page ads from hunter college and city college listing donors. many if not most names of financial donors are jewish or at least americans of mosaid ancestry and most of the students in these schools are goyiim thus proving again Jews are the most stupid animal on the planet.
the next big Jewish idea contest in LA is coming to an end. try and vote for my suggestion. Thanks!
when speaking of the publisher of the jewish standard newspaper in new jersey call him garfunkle for his funny hairdo and cann his IMO self hating editor beckey boroson  becky the pisher

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Profits of war- Ari ben-Menashe

In his book former israel intell official ari ben-menashe writes among other things shimon peres took a $3.5 million bribe from lockhead,and a $40 million bribe from the reagan administrations ed meese, israel is behind many terrorist attacks against Jews, the israel labor party does whatever america tells them to do, ariel sharon did 'favors' for the cia, this explains why he made aza Judenfrei. The present usa defense sec gates as head of the cia helped smuggle drugs into amerikkka and launder money. the usa poisoned chilean grapes in order to blackmail chile to cooperate on iran contra, the reason israel abandoned Pollard is to protect the real israeli spy mister x- robert mcfarlane. There is much more info in this book so if you are sick of being a zionist useful idiot  like nachum segal you may want to read this book.

Jews smart or stupid

This weeks NY Times had 2 advertisements listing donors to Hunter College and City College.Many if not most of the donors to these colleges are jewish or at least americans of american ancestry. Most of the present day student body are goyiim. Therefore, I believe Jews are stupid.

Today its being reported that meridith attwell baker was given a high level job at comcast. Whats sooo unusual about this you ask? It seems that baker was working for the usa goyerment agenct that allowed comcast to buy nbc TV. Where oh where are the usa attorney generals? If a Jew engaged in this IMO obviously criminal activity ie bribe taking you can bet that the Jew would have been arrested already!

Anyone read the book Profits of war by Ari ben-Menashe? I am sure the israeli goyerment doesnt want you to read this book. More on the next blog

Ask yourself why the jewish agency which has agents in most jewish federation offices in america brings less american jews to israel on aliyah than a handful of activists in Nefesh b Nefesh. Can it be the real job of the jewish agency shaliachs is not to bring american Jewry on aliyah but that their real job is to encourage american Jewrys destruction thru assimilation.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Who will be americas boy after ehud barak is gone?

Apparently the usa has tasked the IMO american spy amram mitzna to be the cias boy in israel. As we know mitzna was the general that INTENTIONALLY lost the first intifada on IMO orders from his american handlers. Wouldnt it be easier to solve the mitzna problem in a car accident than having another high ranking israeli spy for america?

Whats up with jeremy ben ami?

the head of the dead end group jstreet does propaganda work for america. Why would a supposed leftist help america?
We know thatthe usa media is controlled by the us goyerment, we know the media is using a psych warfare campaign against israel and its supporters for decades. The campaign is designed to pressure weak minded Jews such as those in jstreet and peace now to abandon israel and pressure israel to destroying itself by turning itself into so called palestine. Its a shame that the jewish left cant see that they are being manipulated by the american goyerment controlled media to hate israel and themselves.

Which weapon would you use?

The usa navy seals and cia forces used grenades and pistols with live ammo to murder the unarmed bin laden.
The israeli seals on the other hand use paintball guns to attack armed terrorists. Who in israel orders the elite troops to use paintball guns? Yep thats right the IMO american agent ehud barak yimach shemo.
 why would israel allow a traitor like ehud barak to continue to be DM after he has proved his treason time and time again? BTW who owns all the hedge funds that employ ehud barak as a consultant?
Havent heard anything from the usa govt controlled media on any violations of international law in the murder of bin laden. No complaints from skanky banky moon in the un either. I thought violating the airspace of a sovereign nation and using targeted  killing someone in that nation was a violation of international law? I guess its only illegal when israel does this.
Whats up in libya? last I heard hillary clinton said america was trying to overthrow the libyan govt. murder the libyan head and his kids and grandkids because france and italy want libyas oil. Where is abe (langley) foxman when israel is singled out for criticiam by the world and america for behaving as others behave?
Anyone remember when obama metthe russian pres or pm in wash and went to mconalds with him? A few days later russian deep cover spies tried to flee america and were caught. They served 1 week in jail for their espionage and were released back to russia, Is barak obama a russian spy who told the russian Pres PM of the fact that the fbi was watching russian spies?
why is Pollard in jail for 20 yrs while russian spies serve 1 week?
Foolish Jews ameriKKKan goyerment yimach shemo  hates you!
mike huckeby wailed over natalie ortman having a kid out of wedlock but huckby is mute over actress january jones doing the same. Just part of a christian conspiracy to stop Jews from having kids.
Speaking of having kids the UN projects the world population will increase to over 10 billion soon,while the Jewish population drops. I guess the only success that the jewish liberal birthcontrol abortion lovers have is stopping their fellow Jews from having children.
whats up with conservative talk radio hosts such as limbaugh, beck weiner-savage, hannity, levin,joyce kaufman,mark simone,monica crowley ann coulter pat (1 ball) buchanan etc. None of these tough talking patriots have served in the military. While they all complain about the liberal media none uses his/her multimillion dollar salaries to start a conservative newspaper radio station or TV station. They are all fakes!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Piece Process

Since today is a slow news day I thought I'd blog about the mid east Piece process.

As we have seen as part of the treasonous camp david agreements signed by benny begins father with the silence of benny begin the USA and UN has so called peace keeping troops in the egyptian occupied sinai. Their mission is to keep the arabs from attacking Israel.  We see how the usa troops look the other way and allow egypt both during the mubarak period and post mubarak period to smuggle weapons including heavy weapons from egypt occupied sinai into plo occupied aza.
In S lebanon we saw how the UN with the usa backing wrote a resolution prohibiting hisbollah from re arming in S lebanon. We see how the usa and UN don enforce this resolution.

So whats the solution. If you ask the gentile world and their nazi judenrat kapos in israel the solution is for israel to give away more land for fake assurances of peace. How will this piece by peace process end?
Israel has already given away sinai, taba and aza and most of the so called west bank. After the rest of the west bank is made Judenfrei, there will be a 5 yr lull. Then the goyim enemy will demand that galilee be given to the plo and made part of the plo state in the west bank. The bribe taking nazis that run israel will aquiece in the name of peace. Next there will be demands for autonomy for the noble bedouins in the negev and arava. The zionists will agree becauzse after all this is just empty desert land where Jews dont want to live. Next will come demands for autonomy for the druze in carmel and for the druze in the golan to become part of syria, which the nazionists will agree to because it makes sense. And in the end the israelis will be left with dizongoff street for the 6 million jews to live in, but because there is not enough room on dizengoff street for a jewish country, the nazionists will enforce a mandatory sterilazation program to stop the jews from breeding and thus the new jews zionist nazi kapo judenrat that run israel will finally solve the jewish problem. AND all of you that support th self hating jews that run israel will be to blame!

whats the differnece between amerikkka and israel? america has murderwed over 3000 civilians in collateral damage in drone strikes in pakistan alone, the usa has assasinated bin laden and is trying to assisanate khadafy and how does israel treat its enemies? Israel gives those that try to destroy them weapons billions of dollars and a country. How do you say Schmuck in hebrew?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

There's No Business Like Shoah Business

The quote was reportely made by abba eban.
Whats new on this Yom Hashoah?
An inside the borshtway story deals with an unknown hollyweird movie producer Bronco something that was in aushwitz on his 13th birfday. He is now in his 80's and is in aushwitz again celebrating his Bar Mitzva. All the jewish clown leaders are attending this glitzy nourishkeit event. Why do I say the event is nonsense? Because on the same day the jewish 'leaders' are kvelling in aushwitz if you look in the wedding section of the NY times for example you will see numerous Jews who are walking into the spiritual gas chambers and marrying goys in churches. BUT our supposed leaders are mute on the silent holocaust of intermarriage. WHY? Because as I have told you over and over the mossad controls Jewish groups and the cia controls the mossad and the cia uses the mossad to destroy world Jewry and Israel itself. DUH! This is why the leaders refuse to send every Jew in the world the book 26 reasons why Jews dont believe in jesus as an innoculation against the disease of conversion or leaving Judaism. www.26reasons.com. the same Jews would never think of not innoculating their 1 child against polio or other diseases but an innoculation against the disease of christianity is condemned.

In other news you recall how former israeli education minister yitzhaq navon banned Jewish nationalism in schools and promalgated arab nationalism as good. This is why israeli youth are so dafooked in the rosh. Did navon take cia gelt to commit this treason? Thats like asking did ezer weitzman take cia money to make sinai Judenrein or sharon take gelt to make aza Judenrein or ehud barak take US gelt to make yesha almost all Judenrein or is a pigs ass pork? The answer is as obvious as the nose on tzippi livnis face.
Interesting how the american media has stopped reporting on japan in unison. This is not a Jewish issue but it proves that the usa media is controlled by 1 source and I believe its the cia.

When reform and conservative bar mitzva factory rabbis dont teach kids the difference between Judaism and christianity is this a form of child abuse?