Thursday, May 12, 2011

Profits of war- Ari ben-Menashe

In his book former israel intell official ari ben-menashe writes among other things shimon peres took a $3.5 million bribe from lockhead,and a $40 million bribe from the reagan administrations ed meese, israel is behind many terrorist attacks against Jews, the israel labor party does whatever america tells them to do, ariel sharon did 'favors' for the cia, this explains why he made aza Judenfrei. The present usa defense sec gates as head of the cia helped smuggle drugs into amerikkka and launder money. the usa poisoned chilean grapes in order to blackmail chile to cooperate on iran contra, the reason israel abandoned Pollard is to protect the real israeli spy mister x- robert mcfarlane. There is much more info in this book so if you are sick of being a zionist useful idiot  like nachum segal you may want to read this book.

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