Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Hidden hand strikes again

Yesterday the christianazi hidden hand that runs ameriKKKa struck again. The man that attempted to assassinate   Jewish congresswoman Giffords was declared insane. After the judges ruling the judge then asked the 'insane' man if he wanted to remain in the court or watch the proceedings on TV. If the judge believed the man is really insane and doesnt know what he is doing and is not responsible for his decisions why ask him to make a decision?
 The judge had initially sent the wannabe assassin jared loughner to be evaluated in a facility FAR AWAY from arizona. This is because the fix was in and the hidden hand had already decided to protect loughner BECAUSE the hidden hand was behind the shootings from the outset. The facility loughner was sent to is part of the goyenment conspiracy to target Jewish People. This shows that hatred of Jews supersedes everything else. In this case the assassin murdered a federal judge BUT even that was not enough for the christianazi hidden hand to prosecute him.
 This is reminicent of the christianazi hidden hand that was behind the murder of the Holy Rabbi Meir Kahane zt"l. In that case the assassination was witnesssed by dozens of people but the murderer was found not guilty of Kahanes murder. The murderer el sayed nosair after murdering Kahane shot a mailman in the street and was convicted of this act.
Speaking of the hidden hand. Its reported today that the american terrorist behind the attack on the Chabad House in Bombay (Yeah thats right I said Bombay not mumbay!) admitted in american court he worked for the usa goyerment when he murdered the Chasidic couple in Bombay. The american terrorist named headley worked for the american drug enforcement agency DEA as well as for pakistans intelligence agency. Question is how will so called jewish senators and congresspeople react? Will they uncover the hidden hand that tragets Jewish People, will they end foreign aid to pakistan or will it be business as usual? The answer is as obvious as the nose on tzippi livnis face.
Speaking of useful idiots. The reason usa talk radio and republicans are fawning over israeli PM Bobo  Notayahuds speeches in america is not because they love Bobo. Its because they hate obama and an enemy of my enemy is my friend. The talk radio crown and repubs werent sooo pro israel when little bush pressured the now worlds largest vegetable to make aza Judenrein and we all remember the rep slogan are you for begin or reagan.

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