Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Speaking of bastards

The media is abuzz over a child born out of wedlock fathered by an actor, In the past children born this way were called bastards and had negative connotations. The media including the bbc is now calling this type of child a "love child". this is to glorify anti social behavior and ruin society by encouraging people to have kids and not get married.
speaking of bastards the israeli dm ehud barak has reduced the # of troops on the western border to allow illegal immigrants to invade israel from egyptian occupied sinai. Now ehud barak is allowing arabs from syria and lebanon to invade israel as well. the question is how much money is the cia paying ehud barak to commit this treason?
 Bastards part deux. the jnf is wasting money building a theater in Beer Sheva. The organizer is dudu fisher who has ties to admitted cia spy leon charney. why is the jnf spending money on theater when there are still millions of trees that need to be planted and just recently israel was unable to put out a fire because of lack of proper fire fighting equip. The jnf is starting to look like a cia controlled org to me, shame on Mr robinson the head of jnf. BTW what kind of Jew is named robinson?!
In othe rstale news the west bank village of dir jarir is controlled by jordanian intelligence, israel general yukitel adam was killed in lebanon by a 14 yr old on mossads orders, the former head of security for the pm, levinson was a soviet spy, the brit in charge of overseeing british cemeteries in various parts of the world is a mi6 agent, israel was behind the us attack on libya in the 1980s this info based on victor ostrovskys book

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