Sunday, May 15, 2011

the hand of the mossad

the arrest of the imf head on fake sex assault charges folling the fake sex assault charge last week on the orthodox Holy Rabbi is the work of the mossads new head.
as we see there are NO Hasidic fed judges in ny or the usa this is because IMO ny senator schmuck shumer has been ordered by his handlers in the mossad not to allow Hasidic judges on the bench so Jews will continue to be persecuted,
the naturi karta delegation to iran is probably carrying messages from the mossad to agents in iran, the book profits of war by ari ben-menashe says israel uses the neturi karta for this type of mission and I guess the new head of the mossad thinks iran hasnt read ben-menashes book. ROFL.
last week the american Parade magazine had a cover story on TV moms, 3 of whom are blond and all christian, this is a cia ploy to encourage white women to breed,
last week the NY times had 2 full page ads from hunter college and city college listing donors. many if not most names of financial donors are jewish or at least americans of mosaid ancestry and most of the students in these schools are goyiim thus proving again Jews are the most stupid animal on the planet.
the next big Jewish idea contest in LA is coming to an end. try and vote for my suggestion. Thanks!
when speaking of the publisher of the jewish standard newspaper in new jersey call him garfunkle for his funny hairdo and cann his IMO self hating editor beckey boroson  becky the pisher

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