Sunday, May 1, 2011

There's No Business Like Shoah Business

The quote was reportely made by abba eban.
Whats new on this Yom Hashoah?
An inside the borshtway story deals with an unknown hollyweird movie producer Bronco something that was in aushwitz on his 13th birfday. He is now in his 80's and is in aushwitz again celebrating his Bar Mitzva. All the jewish clown leaders are attending this glitzy nourishkeit event. Why do I say the event is nonsense? Because on the same day the jewish 'leaders' are kvelling in aushwitz if you look in the wedding section of the NY times for example you will see numerous Jews who are walking into the spiritual gas chambers and marrying goys in churches. BUT our supposed leaders are mute on the silent holocaust of intermarriage. WHY? Because as I have told you over and over the mossad controls Jewish groups and the cia controls the mossad and the cia uses the mossad to destroy world Jewry and Israel itself. DUH! This is why the leaders refuse to send every Jew in the world the book 26 reasons why Jews dont believe in jesus as an innoculation against the disease of conversion or leaving Judaism. the same Jews would never think of not innoculating their 1 child against polio or other diseases but an innoculation against the disease of christianity is condemned.

In other news you recall how former israeli education minister yitzhaq navon banned Jewish nationalism in schools and promalgated arab nationalism as good. This is why israeli youth are so dafooked in the rosh. Did navon take cia gelt to commit this treason? Thats like asking did ezer weitzman take cia money to make sinai Judenrein or sharon take gelt to make aza Judenrein or ehud barak take US gelt to make yesha almost all Judenrein or is a pigs ass pork? The answer is as obvious as the nose on tzippi livnis face.
Interesting how the american media has stopped reporting on japan in unison. This is not a Jewish issue but it proves that the usa media is controlled by 1 source and I believe its the cia.

When reform and conservative bar mitzva factory rabbis dont teach kids the difference between Judaism and christianity is this a form of child abuse?


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