Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Which weapon would you use?

The usa navy seals and cia forces used grenades and pistols with live ammo to murder the unarmed bin laden.
The israeli seals on the other hand use paintball guns to attack armed terrorists. Who in israel orders the elite troops to use paintball guns? Yep thats right the IMO american agent ehud barak yimach shemo.
 why would israel allow a traitor like ehud barak to continue to be DM after he has proved his treason time and time again? BTW who owns all the hedge funds that employ ehud barak as a consultant?
Havent heard anything from the usa govt controlled media on any violations of international law in the murder of bin laden. No complaints from skanky banky moon in the un either. I thought violating the airspace of a sovereign nation and using targeted  killing someone in that nation was a violation of international law? I guess its only illegal when israel does this.
Whats up in libya? last I heard hillary clinton said america was trying to overthrow the libyan govt. murder the libyan head and his kids and grandkids because france and italy want libyas oil. Where is abe (langley) foxman when israel is singled out for criticiam by the world and america for behaving as others behave?
Anyone remember when obama metthe russian pres or pm in wash and went to mconalds with him? A few days later russian deep cover spies tried to flee america and were caught. They served 1 week in jail for their espionage and were released back to russia, Is barak obama a russian spy who told the russian Pres PM of the fact that the fbi was watching russian spies?
why is Pollard in jail for 20 yrs while russian spies serve 1 week?
Foolish Jews ameriKKKan goyerment yimach shemo  hates you!
mike huckeby wailed over natalie ortman having a kid out of wedlock but huckby is mute over actress january jones doing the same. Just part of a christian conspiracy to stop Jews from having kids.
Speaking of having kids the UN projects the world population will increase to over 10 billion soon,while the Jewish population drops. I guess the only success that the jewish liberal birthcontrol abortion lovers have is stopping their fellow Jews from having children.
whats up with conservative talk radio hosts such as limbaugh, beck weiner-savage, hannity, levin,joyce kaufman,mark simone,monica crowley ann coulter pat (1 ball) buchanan etc. None of these tough talking patriots have served in the military. While they all complain about the liberal media none uses his/her multimillion dollar salaries to start a conservative newspaper radio station or TV station. They are all fakes!

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