Thursday, May 12, 2011

Jews smart or stupid

This weeks NY Times had 2 advertisements listing donors to Hunter College and City College.Many if not most of the donors to these colleges are jewish or at least americans of american ancestry. Most of the present day student body are goyiim. Therefore, I believe Jews are stupid.

Today its being reported that meridith attwell baker was given a high level job at comcast. Whats sooo unusual about this you ask? It seems that baker was working for the usa goyerment agenct that allowed comcast to buy nbc TV. Where oh where are the usa attorney generals? If a Jew engaged in this IMO obviously criminal activity ie bribe taking you can bet that the Jew would have been arrested already!

Anyone read the book Profits of war by Ari ben-Menashe? I am sure the israeli goyerment doesnt want you to read this book. More on the next blog

Ask yourself why the jewish agency which has agents in most jewish federation offices in america brings less american jews to israel on aliyah than a handful of activists in Nefesh b Nefesh. Can it be the real job of the jewish agency shaliachs is not to bring american Jewry on aliyah but that their real job is to encourage american Jewrys destruction thru assimilation.

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