Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sitting Shiva or Shitting Sheva

now that the mother of american of mosaic ancestry nyc mayor bloombag has died, bloombag didnt know what to do. He went to his spiritual advisor shecky potasnik, shecky knows less than bloombag but pretends he knows what he is saying so bloombag believes him. shecky didnt remember how to honor a deceased loved one so he thought and thought about what he learned in the jewish theological cemetery. shecky potasnik then came up with the answer, bloombag should honor his deceased mother by shitting sheva. So for the next week bloombag is waking up at 7AM and going to the bathroom to honor dear old mom.
Speaking of nanny state advocate bloombag. He apparently stops his nanny state advocacy when it comes to his very cute but klutzy daughter Georgiana. His daughter has fallen off more horses than barney frank has fallen off boyfriends. Yet bloombag refuses to come to the aid of mistreated horses who are not meant to force jump over obstacles.
Times are getting tough for jewish leaders with the american Jewish population decline. So whats a jewish leader to do? 3 leaders have combined forces to form a business, WZO head morty klein, rabbi shlomo riskin and barney frank have joined together to start an elecution school to teach public speaking. Their first graduate was marvin hier.
does amerikka really want to wean itself off imported oil?
If so all america has to do is increase fed. solar tax credits an additional 10%, this will make electric/gas hybrid cars feasible in the south, pass law mandating solar water heaters in south,drill in anwar alaska, the gulf and off east and west coast, turn coal into gas.
But usa goyerment does none of these because arab and oil company gelt buy politicians who keep ameriKKKans dependent on imported oil.
barak hussein obomber the first black or almost black president good for blacks?
how many blacks were in prison, unemployment on food stamps on welfare on fake disability claims section 8 housing the last days of the bush regime and how many today? This will tell you if obomber is good for the blacks or just an oreo.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Odds and ends and middles

the BBC which we all know is a branch of british intelligence mi6 hires brit reporter/spies that cannot speak proper english. Many of the bbc spy/reporters speak in slang and use terms such as 'pretty much' 'aint' and for example mispronounce  words with the letter L in them such as the word 'awready' instead of already. I understand many brits treat the letter L the way they treat a dentist. They know its there for something but they choose not to use it.
Mazal Tov!  Whoever picked italy won! We all knew that in the war against libya either france or italy would be the first to surrender. Whoever picked italy won.
Anyone know how the us attorneys and local prosecutors manage to manipulate the jury pool so Hasidic Jews are not put on juries when a Hasid is being persecuted in a trial?
The peaceful american mad bomber, barak obomber  is in a 5 front war with radical moslem  pakistan, afghanistan, iraq, libya and yemin, which moslem will be next sudan or somalia?
the israel hating  'jewish' head of nyc based human rights watch, kenneth roth converted to christianity and married ina church. I guess he not only hates israel, he hates himself and his parents.
The presidents conference is meeting in israel. They will do nothing to stop assimilation or intermarriage. Why you dont ask. because the jewish groups are controlled by israel and  israel is controlled by america, therefore america uses israel to destroy american Jewry.
And Mrs  michelle obomber is in soweto south afrika. I cant wait until evil apartheid ends in s afrika and the white devils are thrown out of power so that peace loving black residents in places like soweto can be allowed to turn soweto into a paradise on earth. ROFL!
But seriously did michelle mention the fact that s afrikan blacks rape children to rid themselves of aids, and mention of the huge amount of black crime in s afrika and the very low level of white crime there? I doubt it because the obombers are black supremicist racists and hate white people

Saturday, June 18, 2011

weiner is gone BUT

weiner was such a dislikeable fellow even those that thought he shouldnt leave congress remained quiet.
Here are a couple of other congressfreaks the goyerment controlled ameriKKKan media wont crucify like they crucified weiner.
louisianna congressman david vitter a republican that likes to shtup whores
florida congressman connie mack jr married to caleeefornia congresswoman mary bono. do they live in and represent florida or live in and represent caleeefornia? How can people be married, represent different sides of the country without being unethical?
chuck rangel- I dont have to pay taxes chucky
nancy pelosi who used goyerment planes to ferry her family around illegally
gerald nadler- I dont know what he has done that is illegal but I can tell by looking at him he has a closet full of skeletons as well perhaps as size XL dresses from lane bryant.
ron paul the gynacologist - why would a normal person leave a job looking at va j jas all day to go to washington and look at assholes all day?
There are many more corrupt congresspeople

george soros-Glenn Beck-mikey weiner and abe 'cia' foxman

george soros used his gelt to buy bribetaking vermin claiming to be rabbis off and have them sign a newspaper adv condeming Glenn Beck as an anti semite. abe 'cia'foxman also labeled Beck an anti semite perhaps after receiving soros gelt. Soros used these groups of useful idiots to get Beck fired from WOR radio in NYC, Why?
 because soros is a nazi and attacked beck in order to take attention from soros's fellow nazi wannabe mikey weiner aka michael savage also a host on wor. You see there was and is growing pressure on wor management to remove mikey weiners savage nation radio show from wor because savage is a self hating jew, an anti semite and a nazi wannabe. By firing  Beck a friend of Jews and Israel after falsely labeling him an anti semite wor can now say that it already removed one host at the request of Jews and cannot remove another, so mikey weiner will be allowed to stay and spew out his Jew hatred on his show.
 If you listen to weiner-savage you can tell he is a psychological head case. he and his wife raised their 2 kids (2 kids so as not to overpopulate the world) to not have kids themselves. savage weiner treats his dog the way a normal man treats his grandkids., weiner will play the clown role when he is around gentiles he sucks up to such as donald trump. weiner savage like the radio freak that preceded him howard stern has felt like an outsider his entire life. No matter how successful he is he still needs more acceptance and will do anything to gain acceptance from the christian majority. Both savage and stern  should be boycotted and  regarded as self hating jews and enemies of the Jewish People. weiner savage owns Rock Star energy drink and this should be pulled from Jewish owned stores and boycotted by world Jewry.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Marvin goes nazi hunting

marvin hier leader of the simon wiesenthal center is famous for nazi hunting or is it famous for raising money pretending to go nazi hunting?
Whatever, the bbc documentery Aushwitz stated 8000 nazi SS troops were stationed in aushwitz, 7000 survived the war, 800 were prosecuted most got a slap on the wrist or better yet a pat on the back by  goy judges.
There were tens of thousands of nazi SS troops stationed in areas other than aushwitz. Almost none were prosecuted So the question is when exactly will famed nazi hunter marvin 'elmer fudd' hier bring the ramaining tens of thousands of nazis to justice?
On the other hand what type of decoy does a nazi hunter use? Is it a cardboard cut out of a banker with a hook nose. when the nazi approaches the cardboard cutout, marvin the nazi hunter umps out from the bushes and starts yelling at the nazi.
 On the third hand, assuming you were born near chernobyl and have a third hand is it possible that marvin and the other marvins that run jewish orgs have not done anything to bring nazis to justice is because germany has paid off israeli  leaders aka sonnderkommando zionist whores to leave nazis alone and orgs like the wiesenthal center are cia fronts run by self hating jewish kapos are ordered by cia handlers who tell them they are forbidden to act in an aggressive manner .
so nazis live out their stereotypical happy german lives and jews fulfill the stereotype of being cowards

Thursday, June 16, 2011

israel leaders love fords

the (IMO cia spy front) ford foundation is leaving israel after decades of trying to destroy israel from within.
ford foundation has worked openly with the ameriKKKan  goyerment to subvert israel from within and therefore destroy american Jewry as well.
The question is why has israel allowed this ameriKKKan spy front to operate openly for decades? How much money in bribes have been paid to israeli leaders? does ameriKKKa now pay bribes to shimon peres thru his son in caleeefornia the way lockhead paid peres bribes thru his brother in europe?
has ehud barak, ehud olmert, the meridor clan,begins shitrits amran mitzna, roni milo,the entire lebor party, shalom achshav,yossi sarid, the conmservative and reformed leaders,mossad and shabak heads and agents, sachnut operatives.etc all received bribes from the ford foundation to allow it to operate in israel.
If so, israel needs to build the worlds largest gas chamber and put all their traitors in it!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

who is hal rodgers?

hal rodgers is a congressman from kentucky, he has been a congressman for over 20 years he doesnt get on meet the press or face the nation, he isnt screaming on cnn or fox news,he is not well known nor does he seek national publicity the way shumer, feinstein, boxer, frank, lautenberg, wasserman -shmutz, weiner publicity All he does is get pork for his constituents. While the control freak jewish politicians try and control everything  and do nothing for their districts but only obsess on 1 issue that is  israel can continue to gets its foreign aid ,goys like hal rodgers go about quietly bankrupting ameriKKKa getting pork for their districts.
if you think sheik anthony 'tiny'weiner the convert to islam is the only 'jewish' weirdo in congress guess again!

Obsession with words

ref/cons Jews nit pick whether to use the term Wailing Wall or Western Wall but never use the word Kotel to solve the problem.
wonder to use the term village or settlement..israel doesnt help by usingthe term yishuv instead of the word kfar.
 use the term terrorist-guerilla, fighter or militant
 the term west bank or Judea and Sameria or Yesha or Yehuda and Shomron
The word scoth tape is a scottish slur denoting scots as cheap dont hear scotsmen whining..because they are already goyiim and therefore dont obsess on what goyiim think
 There are those that say obama is anti israel..but its not obama that sent awacs to saudi arabia after questioning Jews in ameriKKKas loyalty, pressured begin to make sinai Judenrein or sharon to make aza Judenrein or asked ehud barak to make YESHA and 1/2 Yerushalym Judenrein, or invited the plo terrorist that commanded the munich olympic massacre to come to ameriKKKa and go to disneyland on vacation at usa taxpayers expense,so obamas hatred for israel is just following an ameriKKKan tradition.
 BUT what role has israel played in its own destruction as well as world Jewrys destruction?
israel has bred so called palestinians instead of transferring them out, israel educates so called palestinians, israel created the so calle palestinian diaspora,israel gave Har Habayit  and kever Yosef to the palestinians , israel agve the names of its spies in yesha to the palestinians,israel funds palestinian propaganda, and funds the palestinian govt to the tune of 1 billion dollars a year,israel arms the palestinians,israel even helped found when you compare obamas hatred for israel with the self hatred hatred that israelis have for themselves, obama doesnt even come close

ameriKKKan airline screeners

when you place your food in a grey tote in an airline xray screener line ever wonder the person who used the tote before you placed his/her filthy athlete foot contaminated footwear in the same tote...and tsa agents do not disinfect grey totes?
 ever notice when tsa agents go thru a suitcase in a screening line with their blue gloves they dont change gloves after each search, so the germs on the previous suitcase contents get on your stuff.
 ever wonder when tsa agents doa pat down they use the same filthy gloves on you they just used on the homeless bum that they searched before you?
 You never wondered about any of these things..because you ameriKKKans are too afraid of your goyerment to ask any questions.

Monday, June 13, 2011

What do you want to be when you grow up?

arab and moslem organizations are encouraging their members to become loiyahs and infiltrate the us injustice dept to target those disliked by arabs and moslems.
various nazi and skin head groups led secretly by us goyerment agents are encouraging their members to become loiyahs and also infiltrate the us doj to target those hated by nazis and skinheads.
Both arab/moslems and nazis in the us doj have been working with the menatlly ill jewish lesbians already entrenched in the doj to target Jewish People....and as usual the cia controlled 'jewish leaders' are mute.

Goyerment says shop or stay home and play videos

saturdays ny times has an article on boaters on the hudson river being harassed by govt terrorists. the goyerment claims it is stopping boaters to see if they are terrorists. One man was stopped 4 times in 1 day while boating on the hudson. This has had a chilling effect on boat sales because people dont want to get stopped by heavily armed vermin working for 14  goyerment agencies searching for non existent terrorists. The goyerment has been making it more and more difficult to go fishing and hunting. With all the various expensive permits required and with undercover goyerment agents trying to ensnare a hapless fisherman or hunter that makes an honest mistake because a hunter/fisherman is not a lawyoih and should not be required to know all stupid laws pertaining to fishing/hunting, most ameriKKKans choose to follow the goyerments wishes and either spend the day shopping or in the house watching videos. Do you know that in nys plain clothes undercover agents wade into the water with fishermen during salmon season and if a fish swims into a hook and is snagged, the fisherman is fined?
This is part of the goyerment conspiracy to destroy ameriKKKa.
 A NYC org named MJHS advertises itys services, it gets money from the uja but hides the fact that its initials stand for metropolitan JEWISH health services. Should an org that hides the fact it is a JEWISH group get uja money, or should the uja spend its money sending the book 26 reasons Jews dont believe in jesus to every Jewish household in ameriKKKa?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

the ameriKKKan media went silent

what happened to the clamor by the ameriKKKan goyerment controlled media to see the bin laden death pics?

I'll tell ya what happened, the usa goyerment ordered the media to shush and it did..just like when condy ordered the media after 911 to stop showing the freedom fighters planes flying into the world trade center buildings, the media listened to condy just as the media listens to hussein obama

Friday, June 10, 2011

why does it seem all nyc politicians all commies?

Possibly because nyc hosts the UN, foreign consulates, foreign tourism agencies and foreign airlines, foreign trade missions and MANY of the employees of these groups are spies. For 70 yrs the communist countries have had thousands of spies located in nyc and these spies have taken over the nyc political system placing communist americans in positions of power and in political office.
If you disagree then come up with a better reason.

If I was a rich man....

Is fiddler on the roof really a pro-Jewish play as the establishment contends? Of Tevyas daughters-One daughter converts to christianity, one becomes a commie and 1 remains Jewish. Is this really a Pro-Jewish story? Then again the same 'jews' that kvell over 'fiddler' also kvell over woody allen and larry david. So perhaps this is just a case of Jews with mental disorders agreeing with each other.
 In the 1980s Israel shelled the plo in beruit the un and amerikkkan goyerment controlled media went beserk. Since then whats happened? the usa has bombed beruit, kabul, bagdad, tripoli, saana, and parts of pakistan. In fact the only country the usa wont bomb is iran. Just more proof the ameriKKKan media is as former cia chief william colby said  controlled by the american govt.
why is the amerikkkan media hiding the huge almost daily body count of civilian casualities caused by american forces in iraq,pakistan, afghanistan libya and yemin?
An interesting dvd is titled One day in September by arthur cohn. it is about the Israeli athletes killed in the munich olympics. It has much little known info. Another interesting dvd is titled They looked away narrated by mike wallace on the Holocaust. Also much interesting little known info. Both dvds can be found in public libraries in Jewish parts of ameriKKKa.