Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jews views on news

usa general sanchez said yrs ago that iran has between 10,000-20,000 agents in iraq. The reason they dont attack usa forces is because the usa has a secret deal with iran to allow iran to get nukes without usa interference and in return iran wont activate its agents in iraq to attack us occupation troops.
famed legal scholar alan dershowitzs sister in law was murdered intentionally  by a postal truck driver in nyc. the nyc cops refused to even ticket the driver who witnesses say was speeding and driving recklessly. This obviously was a govt sponsored murder and nyc cops are covering up the killing with the help of nybr dictator for life joe shecky potasnik.
eric shawn of fox news pretends to be against the un but in reality he does what the usa goyerment wants and he supports the usa remaining in the un
how does the nyc fire dept and construction unions in nyc keep blacks and women off their unions? why are liberals silent over the overt bigotry directed against blacks and women in hiring
the declaration of independence that ameriKKKa extolls is really a propaganda document that the usa goyerment does not believe in or follow
oct 30 is the yartzeit of earl kugel and dec 4 is the yartzeit of irv rubin the 2 jdl leaders entrapped and then murdered by fbi agents while in custody, these cases are covered up by the usa goyerment
who was joe alon and who murdered him and who in the fbi assisted in the murder and cover up 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

weiners wife,kahns girls and hoenleins hoes

weiners wife supposedly left him, if she leaves him permanently and suddenly has a miscarriage I believe she may be a pakistani spy who married weiner to get even more usa secrets for pakistan than hillary has given her.
dominique straus kahn the former head of the imf who was set up by the cia so america can place its own spy at imf head. the new head of the imf chrissy laguarde is an american with ties to the usa goyerment, straus kahn was set up in a usa goyerment plot to use a afrikan cleaning girl criminal to make false charges against him and allow the cia spy laguard to become imf head. who in the cia was involved? the former cia chief gates of course and his helpers are the nyc DA cyrus vance jr, the nyc police chief kelly, the cia controlled media including the ny post and daily news as well as nyc TV stations and radio news,(chuck severson of wabc radio news called straus kahn not the former pres of the imf but a "financial official" to downplay the importance of the cia destroying his career, other cia media asset mark simone repeatedly said kahn had a good tiome going out last night at an expensive restaurant thereby downplaying the trama he received at the hands of the cia agents that persecuted him. the cover up has begun by the cia media.and of course the judge that allowed this entire charade to take place. not to mention the convert to christianity mayor of nyc bloombag who appointed his shiksa friend patricia harris  to give all his foundation charity to her fellow goysthis fake charge against straus kahn followed the fake charge and phoney conviction of an Israeli Rabbi who was falsely accused by a girl soldier of touching her chest and crotch on a delta plane from ta to nyc. no finger prints were found, no explanation as to why an israeli soldier was travelling to nyc, just a corrupt anti semitic spic bribe taking affirmative action judge convicting an innocent Jew. and the most important fact is the silence of abe' cia' foxman why is he silent jyou ask? just look at his nickname cia.
GIGO garbage in garbage out. the so called presidents conference of israeli appointed sonnderkommando kapos met in Yerushalym, They had a panel featuring sara silverman and matisyahu. talking about the future of american Jewry, As we all know matisyahu is a grade d regae singer at best, if it wasnt for his hasidic shtick he would be unknown. silverman on the otherhand is mentally ill, a drug user 40 something never married childless and a self hater. silverman referred to american Jewish men as nose snot. These are the 2 that malcolm hoenlein and his handlers appointed to speak on the future of american Jewry. GIGO! they put garbage on the panel to get garbage advice they wanted.
jpost.com had a story on weird american comedian judy gold, jpost repeatedly mentioned she was from a orthodox family and made it seem gold is religious when in fact she is a mentally ill radical lesbian. why jpost why?
yogurt head aka danny danon israeli mk wants to send afrikan illegal immigrants in israel to australia , why danny why? why not send them back to afrika, why not investigate your dm ehud barak for being an american agent taking bribes and allowing the illegal afrikans to enter the country in the first place.