Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jews views on news

usa general sanchez said yrs ago that iran has between 10,000-20,000 agents in iraq. The reason they dont attack usa forces is because the usa has a secret deal with iran to allow iran to get nukes without usa interference and in return iran wont activate its agents in iraq to attack us occupation troops.
famed legal scholar alan dershowitzs sister in law was murdered intentionally  by a postal truck driver in nyc. the nyc cops refused to even ticket the driver who witnesses say was speeding and driving recklessly. This obviously was a govt sponsored murder and nyc cops are covering up the killing with the help of nybr dictator for life joe shecky potasnik.
eric shawn of fox news pretends to be against the un but in reality he does what the usa goyerment wants and he supports the usa remaining in the un
how does the nyc fire dept and construction unions in nyc keep blacks and women off their unions? why are liberals silent over the overt bigotry directed against blacks and women in hiring
the declaration of independence that ameriKKKa extolls is really a propaganda document that the usa goyerment does not believe in or follow
oct 30 is the yartzeit of earl kugel and dec 4 is the yartzeit of irv rubin the 2 jdl leaders entrapped and then murdered by fbi agents while in custody, these cases are covered up by the usa goyerment
who was joe alon and who murdered him and who in the fbi assisted in the murder and cover up 

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