Monday, June 13, 2011

Goyerment says shop or stay home and play videos

saturdays ny times has an article on boaters on the hudson river being harassed by govt terrorists. the goyerment claims it is stopping boaters to see if they are terrorists. One man was stopped 4 times in 1 day while boating on the hudson. This has had a chilling effect on boat sales because people dont want to get stopped by heavily armed vermin working for 14  goyerment agencies searching for non existent terrorists. The goyerment has been making it more and more difficult to go fishing and hunting. With all the various expensive permits required and with undercover goyerment agents trying to ensnare a hapless fisherman or hunter that makes an honest mistake because a hunter/fisherman is not a lawyoih and should not be required to know all stupid laws pertaining to fishing/hunting, most ameriKKKans choose to follow the goyerments wishes and either spend the day shopping or in the house watching videos. Do you know that in nys plain clothes undercover agents wade into the water with fishermen during salmon season and if a fish swims into a hook and is snagged, the fisherman is fined?
This is part of the goyerment conspiracy to destroy ameriKKKa.
 A NYC org named MJHS advertises itys services, it gets money from the uja but hides the fact that its initials stand for metropolitan JEWISH health services. Should an org that hides the fact it is a JEWISH group get uja money, or should the uja spend its money sending the book 26 reasons Jews dont believe in jesus to every Jewish household in ameriKKKa?

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