Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Odds and ends and middles

the BBC which we all know is a branch of british intelligence mi6 hires brit reporter/spies that cannot speak proper english. Many of the bbc spy/reporters speak in slang and use terms such as 'pretty much' 'aint' and for example mispronounce  words with the letter L in them such as the word 'awready' instead of already. I understand many brits treat the letter L the way they treat a dentist. They know its there for something but they choose not to use it.
Mazal Tov!  Whoever picked italy won! We all knew that in the war against libya either france or italy would be the first to surrender. Whoever picked italy won.
Anyone know how the us attorneys and local prosecutors manage to manipulate the jury pool so Hasidic Jews are not put on juries when a Hasid is being persecuted in a trial?
The peaceful american mad bomber, barak obomber  is in a 5 front war with radical moslem  pakistan, afghanistan, iraq, libya and yemin, which moslem will be next sudan or somalia?
the israel hating  'jewish' head of nyc based human rights watch, kenneth roth converted to christianity and married ina church. I guess he not only hates israel, he hates himself and his parents.
The presidents conference is meeting in israel. They will do nothing to stop assimilation or intermarriage. Why you dont ask. because the jewish groups are controlled by israel and  israel is controlled by america, therefore america uses israel to destroy american Jewry.
And Mrs  michelle obomber is in soweto south afrika. I cant wait until evil apartheid ends in s afrika and the white devils are thrown out of power so that peace loving black residents in places like soweto can be allowed to turn soweto into a paradise on earth. ROFL!
But seriously did michelle mention the fact that s afrikan blacks rape children to rid themselves of aids, and mention of the huge amount of black crime in s afrika and the very low level of white crime there? I doubt it because the obombers are black supremicist racists and hate white people

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