Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sitting Shiva or Shitting Sheva

now that the mother of american of mosaic ancestry nyc mayor bloombag has died, bloombag didnt know what to do. He went to his spiritual advisor shecky potasnik, shecky knows less than bloombag but pretends he knows what he is saying so bloombag believes him. shecky didnt remember how to honor a deceased loved one so he thought and thought about what he learned in the jewish theological cemetery. shecky potasnik then came up with the answer, bloombag should honor his deceased mother by shitting sheva. So for the next week bloombag is waking up at 7AM and going to the bathroom to honor dear old mom.
Speaking of nanny state advocate bloombag. He apparently stops his nanny state advocacy when it comes to his very cute but klutzy daughter Georgiana. His daughter has fallen off more horses than barney frank has fallen off boyfriends. Yet bloombag refuses to come to the aid of mistreated horses who are not meant to force jump over obstacles.
Times are getting tough for jewish leaders with the american Jewish population decline. So whats a jewish leader to do? 3 leaders have combined forces to form a business, WZO head morty klein, rabbi shlomo riskin and barney frank have joined together to start an elecution school to teach public speaking. Their first graduate was marvin hier.
does amerikka really want to wean itself off imported oil?
If so all america has to do is increase fed. solar tax credits an additional 10%, this will make electric/gas hybrid cars feasible in the south, pass law mandating solar water heaters in south,drill in anwar alaska, the gulf and off east and west coast, turn coal into gas.
But usa goyerment does none of these because arab and oil company gelt buy politicians who keep ameriKKKans dependent on imported oil.
barak hussein obomber the first black or almost black president good for blacks?
how many blacks were in prison, unemployment on food stamps on welfare on fake disability claims section 8 housing the last days of the bush regime and how many today? This will tell you if obomber is good for the blacks or just an oreo.

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