Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Obsession with words

ref/cons Jews nit pick whether to use the term Wailing Wall or Western Wall but never use the word Kotel to solve the problem.
wonder to use the term village or settlement..israel doesnt help by usingthe term yishuv instead of the word kfar.
 use the term terrorist-guerilla, fighter or militant
 the term west bank or Judea and Sameria or Yesha or Yehuda and Shomron
The word scoth tape is a scottish slur denoting scots as cheap people..you dont hear scotsmen whining..because they are already goyiim and therefore dont obsess on what goyiim think
 There are those that say obama is anti israel..but its not obama that sent awacs to saudi arabia after questioning Jews in ameriKKKas loyalty, pressured begin to make sinai Judenrein or sharon to make aza Judenrein or asked ehud barak to make YESHA and 1/2 Yerushalym Judenrein, or invited the plo terrorist that commanded the munich olympic massacre to come to ameriKKKa and go to disneyland on vacation at usa taxpayers expense,so obamas hatred for israel is just following an ameriKKKan tradition.
 BUT what role has israel played in its own destruction as well as world Jewrys destruction?
israel has bred so called palestinians instead of transferring them out, israel educates so called palestinians, israel created the so calle palestinian diaspora,israel gave Har Habayit  and kever Yosef to the palestinians , israel agve the names of its spies in yesha to the palestinians,israel funds palestinian propaganda, and funds the palestinian govt to the tune of 1 billion dollars a year,israel arms the palestinians,israel even helped found hamas..so when you compare obamas hatred for israel with the self hatred hatred that israelis have for themselves, obama doesnt even come close

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