Friday, June 17, 2011

Marvin goes nazi hunting

marvin hier leader of the simon wiesenthal center is famous for nazi hunting or is it famous for raising money pretending to go nazi hunting?
Whatever, the bbc documentery Aushwitz stated 8000 nazi SS troops were stationed in aushwitz, 7000 survived the war, 800 were prosecuted most got a slap on the wrist or better yet a pat on the back by  goy judges.
There were tens of thousands of nazi SS troops stationed in areas other than aushwitz. Almost none were prosecuted So the question is when exactly will famed nazi hunter marvin 'elmer fudd' hier bring the ramaining tens of thousands of nazis to justice?
On the other hand what type of decoy does a nazi hunter use? Is it a cardboard cut out of a banker with a hook nose. when the nazi approaches the cardboard cutout, marvin the nazi hunter umps out from the bushes and starts yelling at the nazi.
 On the third hand, assuming you were born near chernobyl and have a third hand is it possible that marvin and the other marvins that run jewish orgs have not done anything to bring nazis to justice is because germany has paid off israeli  leaders aka sonnderkommando zionist whores to leave nazis alone and orgs like the wiesenthal center are cia fronts run by self hating jewish kapos are ordered by cia handlers who tell them they are forbidden to act in an aggressive manner .
so nazis live out their stereotypical happy german lives and jews fulfill the stereotype of being cowards

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