Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jews and goys

former ny politician alan hevisi rots in prison while former liberal party chair ray harding has his felony reduced to a small misdemenor and is not given jail time for much more serious crimes than hevisi. and where are all the jewish loiyahs and ny bigshots? hiding under their beds like the mossad appointed cowards they are!

Today jstreet has a ny times adv featurning many israeli former generals and politicians that want to destroy israel in a piece by piece solution that will leave israel slightly larger than aushwitz.
 lets hope the know it all zionists get what they want so they will finally leave american Jews alone and allow us to prosper instead of the present situation of israel destroying american Jewry.

In the caleeefornia city of fag fransisco they have a ballot amendment in the coming election to ban circumcision.
Again mossad appointed jewish cowardly leaders are as mute and cowardly as their mossad appointed ny brethren!

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