Monday, May 2, 2011

Piece Process

Since today is a slow news day I thought I'd blog about the mid east Piece process.

As we have seen as part of the treasonous camp david agreements signed by benny begins father with the silence of benny begin the USA and UN has so called peace keeping troops in the egyptian occupied sinai. Their mission is to keep the arabs from attacking Israel.  We see how the usa troops look the other way and allow egypt both during the mubarak period and post mubarak period to smuggle weapons including heavy weapons from egypt occupied sinai into plo occupied aza.
In S lebanon we saw how the UN with the usa backing wrote a resolution prohibiting hisbollah from re arming in S lebanon. We see how the usa and UN don enforce this resolution.

So whats the solution. If you ask the gentile world and their nazi judenrat kapos in israel the solution is for israel to give away more land for fake assurances of peace. How will this piece by peace process end?
Israel has already given away sinai, taba and aza and most of the so called west bank. After the rest of the west bank is made Judenfrei, there will be a 5 yr lull. Then the goyim enemy will demand that galilee be given to the plo and made part of the plo state in the west bank. The bribe taking nazis that run israel will aquiece in the name of peace. Next there will be demands for autonomy for the noble bedouins in the negev and arava. The zionists will agree becauzse after all this is just empty desert land where Jews dont want to live. Next will come demands for autonomy for the druze in carmel and for the druze in the golan to become part of syria, which the nazionists will agree to because it makes sense. And in the end the israelis will be left with dizongoff street for the 6 million jews to live in, but because there is not enough room on dizengoff street for a jewish country, the nazionists will enforce a mandatory sterilazation program to stop the jews from breeding and thus the new jews zionist nazi kapo judenrat that run israel will finally solve the jewish problem. AND all of you that support th self hating jews that run israel will be to blame!

whats the differnece between amerikkka and israel? america has murderwed over 3000 civilians in collateral damage in drone strikes in pakistan alone, the usa has assasinated bin laden and is trying to assisanate khadafy and how does israel treat its enemies? Israel gives those that try to destroy them weapons billions of dollars and a country. How do you say Schmuck in hebrew?

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