Monday, May 23, 2011

He said she said..who cares?

the head of the imf dominique straus-cahn was accused of rape by an afrikan cleaning girl. the local nyc DA cyrus vance son of former james earl carterdrek cyrus vance decided to prosecute cahn. cahn said the relations were consentual , the woman is hiv + therefore the woman committed a felony by not disclosing she is hiv +, BUT the da refuses to arrest the woman, this is a perfect example of the corrupt ameriKKKan judicial system which makes the syrian, n korean or cuban judicial systems seem fair.


luftansa and 3 other european airlines paid between 5-10 million  dollars a yr to the plo for protection  in the 1970s. plo make 150 million dollars a yr from the lebanese drug trade in the 1970s, oil companies paid the plo $10 million a yr for protection,in 1975 sec of treasury william simon agreed not to disclose arab investments in america, kissinger agreed that the usa would not talk to the plo, the usa has kept 1 agreement and broke the other much for jewish power in ameriKKKa.

there are 30 so caled palestinian billionaires in kuwait, wealthy plo terrorist supporters in europe are hasib sabbagh head of CCC, abdel majmor shoman of the arab bank,munib khori of gentrol, munib masri of EDG.

during wwII sec treasury morganthau commissioned a report titled Acquiesence of this goyerment in the murder of the Jews. Proof the usa goyerment took part in the holocaust.

On page 117 of rabbi Kahanes book why be Jewish published in 1977 he says that so called jewish leaders in america will support israel making YESHA Judenrein because jewish leaders fear gentile opinion. In 1976-77 j federation in nyc gave $10 to each Jewish kid in Jewish school but gave much more to fake jewish hospitals and to gentile programs, pg 131 james rudin told Jews not to worry about intermarriage, rudin made millions of dollars destroying Jews and now lives in luxory on sanibel island florida,the american jewish committee was against boycotting german products in wwII, on page 118 the first ordination of reform fake rabbis in ameriKKKa included a shrimp buffet,

machivelli said among other things which being unarmed brings you it causes you to be despised. senator chuck shumer knows this as does nyc mayor bloombag this is why these 2 left wing nazis disarm Jews.

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