Friday, May 20, 2011

bribetakers and useful idiots

we all have heard nachum segal gloat over his being invited to the hussein obama off-whitehouse for a Chanuka party. apparently the fat man can be bought off with a jelly donut.

remember a few decades back when goys said israel should give away YESHA (westbank) israel ordered its useful idiots that run the jewish establishment in america to squeal like stuck pigs and call the goys anti semitic? Now its the nazionist israelis themselves that compete with each other to make all of YESHA Judenfrei. How much american money is being paid to the bribetaking garbage that run israel?

In fact the cia controls the israeli govt and the israeli govt controls the jewish establishment in amerikkka. the cia uses israel to destroy american Jewry thru assimilation. Now that the birf rate of american jewry is 1.2 kids per couple and it takes 2.5 kids per couple to sustain a people, american Jewry is doomed to extinction. The cia is now using its israeli useful idiots to destroy israel itself in a piece by piece process. Just as the germanazis used their jewish kapos to destroy fellow Jews before the nazis ordered the kapos to turn on and destroy themselves.

Ask yourself why israel has had lousy public relations for 40+years? this cant be an accident therefore its as obvious as the nose on tzipi livnis face that israel wants negative publicity in order to destroy itself and world Jewry.

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