Saturday, April 30, 2011

Who'se In Charge of American Jewry?

Some thoughts.
Its been estimated over 100,000 american Jews have joined cults such as moonies hare krishna jews 4 jezuz  over the years, what happened to them? Last year I read that the small dwindling cons/ref jewish community in atlantic city NJ was building a Holocaust memorial to be placed on A.C famous boardwalk. Because I guess the thing you think about when going to a tourist destination such as atlantic city is Jews being pushed into gas chambers.There are some deranged individuals in our community who wont be satisfied until there is a Holocaust memorial in the middle of disney world. Perhaps they will demand an aushwitz type theme park complete with train ride and make believe ovens? This is what happens when the lunatics are allowed to run the Jewish community. BTW at the same time the nuts in our community build Holocaust memorials, the jews for jezuz were on the A.C boardwalk tricking young Jews into destroying themselves in a spiritual Holocaust completely ignored by the lunatic holocaust memorial building crowd.
Speaking of Jews converting there is a GREAT website and book that can be used to stop Jews from converting to christianity. The website is and the book is titled 26 reasons why Jews dont believe in jesus. I asked Michael Steinhart of Birthrite fame to give a copy of this book to each birthrite participant. So far I have not received a reply so I am asking all that read this to contact Michael Steinhart via his foundation or his address in Yerushalym and ask him to give all those that participate in Birthrite a copy of this book.

Why are Jews on the defensive over foreign aid? The usa gives more aid to arabs such as egypt, jordan plo hizbullah yemin turkey iraq and afghanistan than it gives to Israel. ironically its the so called israeli lobby AIPAC that demands congress give huge amounts of aid to arab/moslem nations. I guess I am correct when I say the cia controls the mossad and the mossad controls Jewish groups in america so the cia uses the mossad to destroy israel and american Jewry.
Why isnt the money america gives to NATO considered foreign aid to europe or the money spent keeping usa soldiers in s korea and japan considered foreign aid? because cia/mossad controlled Jewish orgs in america are run by drekjuden,hofjuden kapos and cant or wont make an intelligent argument.

The arab/moslem countries in the middle east are over 650 times larger in geographical size than israel. Why in the world is israel losing the public relations war and allowing itself to be portrayed as a goliath against the moslem David? because as I have said the cia runs the mossad and uses the mossad to destroy israel and american Jewry. its impossible for any country to be as incompetent as israel is when it comes to public relations!
All israel has to do is print a poster of the middle east from morocco and mauritania in afrika across to pakistan and the moslem countries in the former ussr. arab/moslem countries can be 1 color and israel another color. the poster can be captioned "If you think Israel is the problem in the middle east, you shouldnt be talking politics, you should be talking to your psychiatrist", or there can be a contest for the best caption for the above poster. the winner gets 1 week vacation in israel, second place 2 weeks in israel and the loser can be appointed head of public relations for the israeli foreign ministry.
 A book on antisemitism by janice booker is titled The JAP and other myths. In the book Booker lists certain traits of self hating Jews. Some traits are, bragging about the amount of food Jews eat at banquets, acting like a klutz or clown, making oneself subservient to christians,making jokes about being late etc. ALL these traits belong to New York Board of Rabbis pres, vp spokesman joseph 'shecky' potasnik. For 15 yrs or so potasnik has been defacto head of the NYBR. During this period there has been a self destruction by NYC cons/reform Jewry. As their numbers decling shecky potasnik remains in charge of the final solution to NY Jewry. potasnik has been divorced twice and has 1 kid, not a good example for Jewry to emulate. So the question is who is keeping potasnic the failure in charge of the destruction of NYC Jewry?

Did you know lillian hellman rewrote the diary of anne frank play to make it seem more universal. Left wing jews do the same for Chanukah, Pesach and ALL things Jewish. Why do leftists want to make Judaism a universal religion instead of a unique religion? Self hate wanting to be accepted by gentile masters and fear of goyiim is the answer.

Prof james Larson of the univ texas did a study showng in the 1970's israel had more TV coverage (almost ALL negative) than any country other than the ussr. This shows the cia controlled american media has been targetting Jews in  a psych warfare campaign for over 40 years with ALL jewish leaders silent. WHY? because the cia controls th mossad the mossad controls jewish leaders and the cia uses the mossad to destroy world Jewry and israel itself! DUH!!

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