Friday, April 29, 2011

Response To Malcolm Hoenlein

Each week conf pres spokesman malcolm hoenlein appears on the Nachum Segal show and spews out his nonsense designed to keep Jews ignorant with Segal going along as Hoenleins useful idiot.
Therefore I will use this blog to refute hoenlein each week.
Today hoenlein mentioned the bombing in morocco but failed to mention morocco's occupation of SW sahara its theft of phosphates from that area and the Polisario guerillas fighting to end moroccan occupation. Why?
Hoenlein as usual whined about the arab states surrounding Israel but never criticized israel for helping to create its own problems. To listen to hoenlein one would not know it was israel that made sinai and aza Judenfrei, nazionist style and helped cause the problems israel faces today. One would not know it is the official policy of israel to breed arabs inside israel while encouraging Jews to use birth control and abortion to lower the Jewish population of israel. One would never know israel has allowed arabs to steal huge tracts og Jewish govt owned land in israel and build houses illegally on the land. Hoenlein is an enabler for israels disfunctional behavior.
Hoenlein as usual whined about the media. Hoenlein never says the media is controlled by the cia and mi6 even though the entire world knows this as fact. Why is hoenlein keeping Jews ignorant?
Hoenlein never blames left wing israeli lawyers, shalom achshav, women in green or black or whatever color the labor party etc. Israelis are never to blame for their own problems according to hoenlein just as self hating jews that spew out anti semitism are never criticized by abe the virus foxman.
hoenlein talked about the us giving the plo aid money but no mention to israel giving the plo 1 billion dollars a year in aid in the form of tax revenues.
hoenlein talked of Kever Yosef but not the IMO  cia spy ehud barak that gave Kever Yosef to the plo terrorists.
Hoenlein only succeeds in tricking and misleading Jews because nachum segal allows himself to be used as a tool of hoenlein and his fellow travellers.

1-Read the book The JAP and other Myths by janice Booker. Did you know a Jewish woman was murdered by her hubby who then was aquitted after he used the defense his wife was a JAP?
2-Speaking of princesses why is a JAP looked down upon while a british princess is admired? because goys look down on Jews and think of Jews as inferior while princesses are looked on as superior so how can an inferior person think of herself as a princess?
3-Also why is opera looked on as high class while cantorial music is ignored?
4- The brookings institute started the idea of making YESHA Judenrein. This anti semitic ideology has been incorportaed into mainstreal israeli thinking.
5-google cia+dennis montgomery to learn something you dont know.
6-did you know a czek company invented a radar called the vera e that can track stealth fighters?
7-sidney harmon former short lived owner of newsweek donated $20 million to the wash Dc shakespeare company. sidney rot in hell!
8-why do houses in Jewish areas of america cost between 3-10 times more than houses in goy areas of america? behavior modification thru the use of taxation. the higher the mortgage the less kids people will have.
9-why did wor nyc radio fire glenn beck but allow the jewish anti semite michael weiner savage to remain on the station?
10-30 yrs ago israel ordered its spies that run the Jewish organizations in america to provide paliative spiritual care to american Jewry and help american Jewry become extinct.
11-20+ years ago a man named Dr Mondrowitz was on a NY radio station it turns out he was molesting Hasidic kids. he fled to israel but was not extradited the way israel always extradites Jews to america why? becauwe IMO the radio show he worked on was  a front for the mossad and the mossad doesnt want him giving secrets to america on the mossaad activities in america. But why did the mossad hire a child molester in the first place? Because the cia controls the mossad and the mossad controls american Jewish organizations therefore the cia uses the mossad to destroy american Jewry and israel itself.
12-israels dirty little secrets..the large number of Jewish israelis who have married or live with arab men and raise their kids as arabs, the number of israeli Jews that have converted to christianity, the number of israeli Jews that have married christians and left israel and the 1 million or so israelis that have left israel since israels founding.

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