Monday, April 25, 2011

Money for Nothing and the Bagels for Free

How much gelt do your do nothing 'jewish' leaders pull down each year, and have you ever voted for a 'jewish' leader? All numbers are approximate if you want exact figures google jewish forward+jewish leaders salaries
Here goes..the head of the JNF  Robinson$542,000. Not bad for a man who did not have enough  fire fighting equip to put out a small brush fire.
anti defamation league foxman, $560,000. Not bad for someone who has done NOTHING ti help Jewry during his tenure, In fact while arab/moslem anti defamation groups have links to civil rights lawyers (many of whom are Jewish) the adl does not have links to lawyers because the adl wants to downplay anti semitism in america and not encourage Jews to sue their enemies. Is foxman a president for life like idi amin or does his term have a limit?
AJ committee $499,000. I would criticize this group but after decades of studying Jewish orgs I have no idea what they do.

Hadassa $395,000

ZOA Morton Klein.$361,000 Do I have to be the one to speak of the 800 lb gorilla in the room while everyone else is silent? Okay I will. Klein has I believe turetts and cannot speak properly it is tedious and nerve wracking to listen to him talk. Morty you cant speak stop trying to be a spokesman and hurting your cause! SCHMUCK!
Presidents conference spokesman Malcolm Hoenlein. $295,000. Where do I begin. This galut mentality whiner is a shonda for the goyiim cubed.
 hoenlein whines that  moslems are destroying Jewish artifacts on the temple mount, he whines that moslems violate agreements, he whies when the plo kills Jews and shells sderot from aza BUT someone should tell hoenlein that his israeli masters made aza Judenrein his israeli masters founded hamas, his israeli masters give the plo 1 billion dollars a year and his israeli masters can stop moslems on the temple mount from destroying Jewish artifacts whenever they want so hoenlein should stop acting as an enabler and supporting the anti Jewish israeli govt!
Many Jewish federation heads make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year as the number of Jews in their area declines.

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