Tuesday, April 26, 2011

They went like Sheep!

I just saw a PBS DVD documentary titled bridge on the river kwai. narrated by liev shreiber.
The documentary is about allied POW's that worked for the japanese during wwII. The pows were told they were going to rest camps to sit out the duration of the war, instead they were put in box cars and taken to work on a railroad the japanese built from burma to thailand. the pows surrendered without putting up a fight, they didnt try and escape, they were starved to death, beaten and tortured but didn't flee into the jungle, there were few japanese guards, no barbed wire they pows cooperated and worked as slaves many dieing of starvation during the process. the same is true of asian civilians that worked as slaves for the japanes during wwII and had a huge death rate. The same is true of pows that went like sheep on the bataan death march. YET, I betcha that you never heard anyone ask why the pows or asian civilians went like sheep. Now look at how Jews holocaust victims are treated in the media, constantly asked why didnt they fight back as if 65 yr old bubbe is gonna take a kitchen knife and single handedly attack a platoon of german ss troops. Jews are asked why didnt they flee, why did some cooperate etc, these same questiions are never asked of pows. Why? because the goyiim enemy along with self hating 'jewish' leaders such as abe foxman  want Jews to be victims and use the holocaust as a form of psychological warfare against Jews to lower Jewish self esteem by portraying Jews as weak and cowardly while never portraying pows the same way. Shame on you abe foxman, who do you really work for?

The dvd israel and the arabs the 50 year war interviewed the former head of intelligence for golda meir during the 73 war as well as former king of jordan hussein. hussein said he flew his helicopter to Jerusalem before the 73 war and informed meir that egypt and syria were gonna attack israel. The head of isreali intel was listening to the conversation . meir and her intel chiefs did not react to husseins warning and allowed israel to be atatcked. WHY? because IMO the lunatic left epitomiozed by meir wanted the arabs to regain their pride after the 67 defeat. so they allowed Jewish soldiers to be murdered in order to bring about a bizarre type of peace. Meir and her left friends such as shimon 'KGB spy' peres yimach shemo should have been brought up on war crime charges like eichman and hung.

on 4-44 2011 bloomberg magazine published a story on how libyas khadafy bought himself into the usa media. khadafy hired the Monitor group a mass based group headed by a man named barber to have a meeting in libya, after this libyan propaganda articles were placed in the wash post and new republic magazine, the head of the monitor group now works for the NY think tank Demos.Did these people lobby for libya without registering as foreign agents  if so why havent they been prosecuted? How many think tanks are us govt spy fronts?

how muchh money has the trustee overseeing the bernie madoff fiasco paid himself? I understand its already in the tens or hundreds of millions going to irving piccard. When this is over piccard will have IMO stolen more from madoffs victims than madoff did, and noth did the stealing with the approval of the usa goyerment.
speaking of madoff nayone really believe madoffs friend who made billions from madoff drowned accidentally in his palm beach pool or do you believe he was murdered as a cover up for an intel agency that worked with  madoff to steal from jews?

remember the gay Jewish doctor in san francisco who was learning arabic. He was found dead at the bottom of an elevator shaft and it was ruled an accident. Anyone believe hi smurder was an accident?

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