Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Whats old in america?

A sculpture above the door in the nations capital rotunda by enrico causici shows Daniel Boone murdering 2 Native Americans aka american indians. Interesting how america glorifies stealing and murdering those americans stole the land from.

In 1903 the bureau of indian affairs forced native americans to take 'american names'. reform and conservative spiritual leaders also encourage their followers to take 'american' ie english names.
You dont htink that reform and conservative leaders are 5th column agents of the american goyerment rying to destroy Jewry thru assimilation, do ya?

Geroge Cornell of the AP quoted emmanuel jacobowitz head 'rabbi' of england as saying, Its better for Jews to learn christianity in school than not to learn any religion. jacobowitz is obviously a british govt appointed hofjude kapo.

Did you know former american president  poppa bush used a hotel room in texas as his address so he could claim texas as his primary address and evade state income taxes in states where he really lived? Did you know george little bush as a head of harken energy sold $850,000 worth of stock 1 week before earnings were released showing harken lost money. If bush had waited to sell his stock he would have made 1/2 million dollars less, This is called insider trading and you can be sure as heck that if bushs name would have been goldstein or feldman the nazi fbi would have arrested him on insider trading charges. Did you know neil bush gave loans to business partners of his when he was director of silverado bank in colorado without disclosing to other directors his relationship to the borrowers? Of course the borrowers defaulted on over $100 million of loans. In the 3 bush cases poppas tax evasion, juniors insider trading and brother neils fraud, no bushs were arrested by the fbi or prosecuted by the self hating jewish lesbians in the american dept of justice.

Speaking of insider trading ask yourself why hillary clinton was not arrested by the fbi nor prosecuted for her using insider info in the commodity market and turning $1,000 into $100,000 profit. Funny, hillary hasnt achieved this again. Either beginners luck or a federal felony, you decide.

Speaking of tax evasion the now NJ governor chriss chrisstie loaned money to a subordinate while he was federal us attorney in NJ then he and his wife didnt declare the interest paid by the borrower on the loan. Obviously, this was to cover up the unethical behavior of loaning money to a subordinate and to also commit tax evasion. The fbi has not arrested christie but rhe fbi did on christies orders use a con artis to entrap 90 yr old Rabbis on a fake money laundering charge.

The fbi arrested and prosecuted Imclone founder and his pal martha stewart on insider trading charges for selling stock. and for misspeaking to the fbi. As you know Imclone was on the verge of finding a cure for cancer when its founder was arrested by the fbi. The fbi arrested him because large drug corps dont want  a cure for cancer to be found as there is too much money to be made in giving people with cancer fake  hugely expensive treatments that dont work.

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