Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Question Juliet and Juliet, Answer the Thesbian is a Lesbian

Why does it seem that so many high ranking workers in the justice dept homeland security are lesbians? A psychology major can do a disertation on why lesbians are attracted to work in the justice system. I aint no shrink but I betcha that the reason lesbians are attracted to doj work is because lesbians hate men and by working in doj lesbians can act out their mental illness and target men and put men in cages. If the goyerment knew a member of the kkk was working in doj as a prosecutor would they allow the kkk man to prosecute black people? of course not, but ask yerself dont lesbians hate men with the same zeal hat kkk men hate Black People? so shouldnt lesbians be prevented from prosecuting men?
 Some alleged lesbians in recent years in doj/homeland security are janet napolitano, janet reno, barbara guss, mary jo white, of NY lynn abrahamson of PA  and mousekoph of brooklyn NY.

The goyerment is at it again. after persecuting 'crazy' eddy antars father for over 20 yrs, the doj persecuted imclone founder waksal's elderly father,then they persecuted the elderly Mr Rubashkin of agroprocessors for hiring immigrants allowed into ameriKKKa by bush and clinton, Now the goyerment is trying a new tactic to attack an elderly Jew. The goyerment is trying to get the the ceo of Forest laboratories Howard Soloman fired by banning his corp from doing business with the goyerment. His corp plead guilty to a misdeamenor and the goyerment is now holding him responsible. In the past many drug corps have plead guilty to the same charge such as bayer but their ceos were not persecuted. The goyerment is now trying to have all drug corps led by blacks by targetting white and Jewish ceos.

why didnt the usa bomb hitlers motorcades during wwII? hitler yimach shemo travelled with over 1000 bodyguards the various spies in the various undergrounds knew where hitler was they could have radioed hitlers whereabouts to the americans/brits and they could have launched a 1000 plane attack on hitlers vicinity,,,but they did not because the so called allies wanted wwII to go on and Jews to be murdered because war is good for the economy.

british newspapers have interesting articles on brits involved in the global warming fraud. I am not a spook but many appear to me to possibly have ties to brit intel mi6, here are some names mentioned in the article..Globe International,grantham institute..jeremy grantham is a wealth advisor with clients such as dick cheney and john kerry, Complus alliance a costa rican based group funded by brits, the swedish founder of skype funds these groups as well as does the british propaganda unit called BBC.

YNET reports that 1000 christians in america have converted to Judaism and are moving to Sameria, How many of these are cia spies?

interesting fellow andy rutherford of one world action, british group involved in w sahara.

william agee of the cia wrote an interesting book listing various cia front groups, the cia/fbi  has stolen many copies of this book from libraries in america

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