Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jews love Goys not versa visa

how much gelt fo wealthy jews give to goys each year?
Here are a few examples the JCRC of nyc gives millions, leon charney the self describes govt agent that ran ezer weitzman during camp david gave millions to a ny hospital, facebook founder zuckerberg gave 100 mill to newark nj non Jewish public schools, eli broad and his wife edith gave almost a billion dollars to gentile schools and art museums, tv guide head one eared wally annenberg gave 100 mill to united negro college fund, gluckman of smith barney gave milions for irish culture in nyc,leslie wexner and his mommy of the limited gave 250 million bucks in stock to the ohio higher education trust, michael dell gives millions to goys as does  nyc mayor mikey bloombag, leona helmsley gave her estate to her dogs rather that to Jewish kids. most super rich jews dont give to Jewish causes, Therefore I propose placing wealthy jews into herem and not allowing them or their children to be buried in Jewish cemeteries.

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