Monday, April 18, 2011

Info for naive Jews

As you know the term 614th Commandment was coined by Emil Fackenheim. You can google this term to learn more.
 Did You Know...
the 4th psych ops group of the us army had members stationed in CNN headquarters in Atlanta GA? This was confirmed by major Thomas Collins of the army info service.

CBS  'reporter'  lara logan said of usa bombing in Afghanistan, "difficult not to be impressed with the powerfullness and verocity of us strikes". Was this so called reporter equally impressed by the powerfullness and verocity of men she made the aquaintance of in egypt?

In an 1977 or 1978 article in Rolling Stone magazine, Watergate reporter Carl bernstein interviewed then head of the cia william colby. Colby said that the american media is controlled by the cia. To read the article google bernstein+cia+media.

The book Agents of Influence by Pat Choate lists many cia front groups.
The book written by cia bigwhig Agee lists many cia front groups

E Howard Hunt of Watergate fame said Fodor guides were used by the cia as fronts

In the book From the secret files of j edgar hoover by A.T.Harris PG 103 the fbi sent a letter to martin luther king telling him to kill himself. Anyone think that when MLK refused to commit suicide the fbi had james earl carter OOPS! I mean james earl ray murder Dr King?
Clyde Tolson Hoovers right hand man (lover) resigned within 24 hours of hoovers death and inherited the bulk of hoover's estate, because hoover and tolson were gay lovers.

In the book Age of Surveillance by Frank Donner. On page 236 The FBI used a diseased prostitute to infect left wing leaders with SDS's in California. This was a forerunner to the fbi /cia spreading AIDS to those it dislikes.

On page 146 of the same book it says the american Jewish congress and the american Jewish committee helped the fbi. Anyone think they are fbi fronts helping to destroy american Jewry thru assimilation?
Page 336 of the same book says the american Jewish committee and the UJA were spied on by the IRS. And they thought that by becomming kapos the goyiin would protect them. Silly americans of Mosaic ancestry.

In the book The Very Best men by evan Thomas on page 159 says Bing Crosby was a cia spy. The show Hogans Heroes was produced by bing crosby. Do y'all think he produced the show on orders of the cia? On page 290 the author says the cia used chemicals to contaminate sugar in cuba.

In the last 2 paragraphs you learned the cia/fbi uses chemical and biological warfare when they want even though its use contravenes the geneva convention to which america is a signatory.

In the Book cia and american democracy Rhonda jeffreys-jones lists cia fronts on pages 25-26 and on page 48 says the cia supports the leftwing MAPAI party in israel.

In the book syria unmasked pg 165 It says the cia helped syria smuggle drugs into america in return for intelligence info.

In the Book the Secret War Against the Jews, written by Loftus and Aarons, they say that the british told the pope not to help Jews during WWII and that british advised natzis.

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