Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Info your Rabbi didnt tell you

In Pat Choats book it says the cia uses reporters, editors,anchormen,TV producers,cameramen,broadcast technicians, as well as trade associations and foundations as fronts.

Book Hidden Treasures by langruth it says on page 85 in the past the Ford foundation paid travel expenses for a secret  usa govt employee.
pg 89 the cia gave 50,000 college and high schol textbooks to Brazil to influence students. pg 91 the cia ran 600 candidates in Brazils election for state deputy, 250 candidates for federal deputy, 15 candidtaes for federal senate and 8 candidates for governorships.
Perhaps this explains why american president  barry big ears made the trip to Brazil earlier this year.
pg 93 the cia in conjunction with the afl cio pooled their money and started a group called the american institute for free labor development. pg 102 the cia spent $20 million to influence Brazil's elections in 1962. Imagine how much the cia spends influencing Brazil's elections today. pg 122 The danish executive of firestone was a cia spy. pg 162 william buckley jr a cia spy in mexico. The head of GE subsidiary in Montevedo and 9 other businessmen met weekly with the cia station chief there. Didnt GE head just go to Brazil with usa president barry big ears. I guess the more things change the more they stay the same.
In the book in search of enemies by Stockwell pg 59 a freelance photographer works for the cia, pg119 cia agents pretend to be reporters,pg 112 a Brazillian journalist worked as a cia spy. Reporter David Ottoway put a story in the washington post for the cia. As you know the Ottoway family has run the newspaper in Midletown NY Times Hearld record and this rag has printed stories almost daily attacking a local Chasidic village  for decades. You dont think this newspaper is a front for the cia and is attacking Jews as part of the cia's psychological warfare campaign against Jews, do yah?!
pg 197 the cia propagandizes NY press, pg 199 a european film crew is on the cia's payroll.

True of false the national Enquirer was founded by a cia spy named Mr Pope?

In the book Molehunt by Wise many cia spies are named.

The book In Search for the Manchurian Candidate on page 109 Parke-Davis drug co worked with the cia, pg 125 cia had a writer for the Miami News.

Now head of the israeli 'jewish' agency anatoly sharansky was arrested by the kgb for passing spy info to a cia agent using the LA Star newspaper as a cover. Was or is sharansky a cia spy?

Anyone notice that since comcast bought NBC from GE that NBC has been reporting on a royal wedding daily? If the head of MI6 was running nbc (assuming he isnt) he couldnt put more british propaganda on the network as is beng spewed out now. Also why hasnt anyone ever asked why the BBC which is a propaganda arm of the british goyerment and is a branch of the british intel agenct MI6 is allowed to broadcast on public radio and TV stations in america? Who in america is allowing british propaganda fronts to spew out its vile propaganda in america?
I am sure nothing illegal in this because if there was anything illegal I am sure the fbi would have put as much effort in catching british spies as they do in using a con artist to entrap 90 year old rabbis in NJ.

Speaking of MI6 activities in america. Anyone wonder why america gives britain cruise missiles or why america has given britain nuclear missiles Is it possible that americans of british ancestry have dual loyalty and support britain because it is their ancestral homeland?

Speaking of the american goyerment controlling its TV media. Isnt it a coinkydink that ALL american TV media have stopped reproting on the riots taking place in arab countries, All the TV stations coincidentally decided atthe same time to stop covering the riots occurring in saudi arabia, egypt, libya, algeria, tunesia ,syria, jordan ,yemen etc. All american TV outlets refuse to report on moroccos illegal occupation of SW Sahara belonging to the Polasario people nor does american TV report on the 20 million stateless Kurdish People. This is because the american goyerments agenda is to portray israel as the new nazi state and force israel to destroy itself in a piece by piece process that has left israel presently the size of rhode island and if american president barry big ears gets his way will leave israel the size of aushwitz.

Did you know the arab countries are over 450 times larger in size than israel? probably not if you get your info from american goyerment controlled TV and newspapers.

Former american president james earl ray OOPS I mean james earl carter has said israel is an apartheid state. Is carter correct? israel mandates Jews serve in the military , israel has destroyed huge numbers of Jewish owned homes in sinai and aza and Judea and Sameria. Israel makes it all but impossible for Jews to live in single family homes and forces Jews to live in apartments in the sky as part of israels policy of settling Jews in the sky of israel. In israel arabs dont serve in the military, are allowed to steal state owned land and build illegal houses on th eland which the govt then accepts, arabs dont live in apartments but live on and settle the land of israel. arabs do not pay taxes. So I must agree with former ameriKKKan president james earl ray OOPS I mean james earl carter, israel does practice apartheid, but the apartheid israel practices is an anti-Jewish apartheid. carters complaints about israel are part of a psychological warfare campaign by america to manipulate mentally weak israeli leaders such as shimon the millionaire bolshivik peres to  get israel to destroy itself in a piece by piece process.

back to americans of british ancestry supporting britain at the expense of america, A federal 'judge' in NYC colleen mcmahon whose husband used to be a high ranking drone in the george soros organization has written a book. (mcmahon uses her maiden name as a judge.). In her book published by her racist episcopalian church A view from gabatha mcmahon writes on page pg 58 referring to the Prophet Jacob 'Jacob always struck me as someone worthy of a kick in the pants never mind a crack on the hip. Jacob was a liar, a cheat ,a trickster, a cad ,a coward, a thief and an ingrate. He was envious arrogant and crafty,. He played favorites'. pg 87-89 she doesnt send christians to prison for very serious crimes when a minister asks her not to. pg 97 Referiing to 'Isaac Black' a Hasidic Jewish defendent from the village attacked daily in the newspaper run by the pro cia ottoway family. mcmahon writes 'when this sort finds their way into my courtroom burning them with unquenchable fire is not far from my mind', 'unquenchable fire was too good for him' Black was in court on a fraud charge. pg 103 mcmahon circumvents the law for christians when she wants.
Ask yourself my Dear Readers should a bigoted thing like mcmahon be a federal judge? Is her episcopalian church tied to the govt of britain and does she protect her fellow americans of british ancestry. Ask if a Jewish judge wrote a book attacking jeszus would the Jewish judge have been impeached? Ask why Sen. schmuck shumer or congresshag nita lowy have not started impeachment proceedings against this unqualified mentally ill woman posing as a judge. Are  these 2 kapos taking bribes in the form of campaign money not to impeach mcmahon? Ask yourself has george soros bought himself this judge thru her husband or perhaps does soros just rent her by the hour. Like a good nazi coward she hides her nazi views from her coworkers and lives among Jews. I have been informed she lives at 10 w 66st st NYC in an apartment building with a large Jewish population.

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