Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The real america, Jewsih 'leaders' dont want Jews to know about

Ever hear of Gary Webb? He was a reporter for the san jose mercury newspaper. He wrote a brilliant article on the cia importing cocaine into america. Webb was then pillaried by cia assets in other american media outlets. Webb was then murdered by the cia and the murder covered up as a suicide.

Remember cia head william colby. Colby gave the interview with watergate reporter Carl Bernstein in which colby said the american media is controlled by the cia. Colby was murdered by the cia and it was covered up by saying colby fell off his boat in the potamic river and drowned. yeah right!

After the taliban fell in afghanistan america sent in a cia agent with a suitcase load of cash. He gave the money to afghan warlords so they could restart their opium production which had been stopped when afghanistan was under taibal rule.

former panama pesident manuel noreiga was on the cia payroll and he was allowed to send illegal drugs into america as part of his employment.

The usa supports mexican drug dealers. recently america even sent mexican druglords  illegal guns so mexican drug gangs can kill and intimidate american border agents.

The usa allows syria to send drugs into america in return for intelligence info.

What ever happened to the stories of the cia importing drugs from south america into mina arkansas? The media covered up these stories faster than you can say cia drug dealers.

Anyone really believe american govt wants to stop illegal drugs from coming into america? There is too much money being made by cia agents smuggling drugs to stop this trade.

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