Monday, April 25, 2011

Random Thoughts

70-80% of Jews join shuls because they are asked only 9% join on their own. if cons/ref rabbis dont do outreach and knock on doors Jews wont join shuls and more shuls will close.
there are over 100 baale tzuva orgs in the usa and canada, Anyone believe they do any good or are they in business to make money for those that run these groups.
aish hatorah rabbi andrew mentsh said on 2-5-1989 on wnym radio in NYC, 'we dont have to go in the streets to get people WE HAVE ENOUGH' is this a statement from a rabbi that sounds good yo you? reports LA sheriff BACA supports moslem terrorists. Why cant Jews in caleeefornia vote him out? Isnt he the one that protects mel gibson?
What are the goals of the jewish organizations in america does your local shul set yearly goals? i doubt it.
book pulling strings by Brenda Danet on corruption in israel.
The JTA and Forward and jewish substandard websites ban nationalist Jewish comments  but allow communist and pro plo comments. there is more freedom of speech today in libya than in most jewish organizations.
What was the cons/ref jewish population in NYC when joe shecky potasnik took control of the ny board of rabbis and what is it today? Does shecky know what afailure he has been or is he so delusional he thinks he is doing a good job?

why does israel extradite Jews to ameriKKKa but not to russia?
socail workers in israel tell Jewish women to use birth control and have small families and tell arab women in israel to have large families.
Read the book Volunteer by michael ross and decide if he was a cia spy that infiltrated the mossad or just a tourist.

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